Sunday, August 11, 2019

Autism Spectrum Disorder Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Dissertation Example The project will be using children and adults with varying degrees of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In working with children and/or adolescents the researcher must also want to work with the parents. The researcher will now devise various questions and activities that the participants may be able to do or not. This will also show the parents during their observation periods what their children can do and get a better understanding of the disorder their child has been diagnosed. This project will also need to be reliable and valid for the future, that teachers and other professionals will be able to use this project in their care of the child or children. The researcher will be conducting interviews with many different activities that will show what the participants know and teach them new skills that will help them in their life. The research will also have various questionnaires for the parents and caregivers to fill out. These questionnaires will provide sections for personal inf ormation, degree of autism, activities that they can do and skills that they cannot do, medications that they may have been on and the medications they are taking now, we will also have to know what treatments and interventions that have been used before and those that seem to work and treatments that did not work. The researcher must decide on how all these aspects of the research will progress through the study. The researcher must want to see other records that pertain to the participants of the study. The researcher must let the parents know what is going to occur throughout the study and must be given informed consent and told about confidentiality. (Corey, 2011) The researcher must need to know how the participant(s) were affected by previous treatments and medications. This study will be quantitative and qualitative for the project will be using various children and adolescents. The quantitative aspect would involve how the participants will interact (strengthen or weaken) th e effects at the different levels between the variables and the initial effects that do not change. It is also qualitative for there will be reverses to the effect depending on what occurs in the study. (Nolan.2011) Variables of this study will be the children, the parents and caregivers, and the past and future interventions that will be used and created. The researcher must also look at age, culture, grade level if school age and if working what kind of occupation they have if they are older and the independent variable being the activities that the dependent variables, the participants, will accomplish during the research process. (Cozby, 2004) Timeline for Doing Research Doing a Literature Review In doing research on Autism Spectrum Disorder the researcher must proceed with a ‘radical looking’. This is when researchers do a general literature review to see what has been done in the past and what possibly could be done in the future. When doing research, researchers must keep their ears and eyes open for new developments and suggestions that just might help to progress the research. This is when the researcher can attend conferences, listen to interviews from others about the disorder and gather information that could be used to progress the study. This can also be a time to listen for new suggestions about the disorder. This is known as ‘radical listening’

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