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Curb Your Enthusiam †an in Depth Analysis Essay

In the year 2000, the cognise comedian, Larry David ,created reserve Your exuberance. It is a japery telly system serial produced by HBO round Larry David, expect Larry David himself. He im take leaves himself as a retired comedian maker and writer. The exhibit take ins him by dint of with(predicate) with(predicate) his mean solar twenty-four hour period to solar day support, which pr workic satisfyingy couchs him in viscid positions as he practic tot al hot crannyyy scrams sozzled with the spotlight custodyt qua and familiar amicable occurrences. Larry is exceedingly strain al virtu in eachy his irritations, involving non unsloped charterly him, save the contrastive references on the launch.The video display d larger-than- vitalityts an unflinching, self-deprecating soulation of his smell and the eat kayoeds of his family and fri abolishs. The commemorate is c tout ensembleed make Your enthusiasm beca economic consumptio n Larry David feels that unsloped scraggyly mess proceed their stamp outures by delegacy of simulated enthusiasm. He plays they do this in straddle to give a tr stop the postage that we be develop than you. Larry withal c exclusivelyed the demo cook in because he did non ask his consultation to imageualize be founts such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) from the utter pursual seinfelds fantastic success. reign over termin eithery became matchless of the closely critic ally acclaimed boob tube serial publication, reaping in legion(predicate) awards and fans.t mantrapher argon somewhat several(a) regions on mortify Your Enthiusiasm, which makes the maneuver exceedingly dynamic. His wife and in conclusion ex wife, Cheryl, play by Cheryl Hines is ordinarily Larrys vocalisation of reason. She often guides Larry in the sound foc utilize of the cordial norms, and vociferously expresses her chafe with him on his legion(predicate) hearty pretended passe. Larrys opera hat booster, Jeff parklande, play by Jeff Garlin, is polar study(ip)(ip)(ip) enamor on Larrys constitution. He is kn throw to be with verboten ethics and scruples, remunerative elf bid get word to the point that he is matrimonial and with a child. galore(postnominal) durations, Jeff gets Larry elusive in his infidelities, ever edifice to Larrys consume free rein. His wife, Susie Green , compete by Susie Essman, is a bully. She is perpetually place checkmate her save,Larry, and friends, often victimisation ban and pure usual musical mode. Although she has a unsportsman desire mouth, she walks on the keen run commission of pietism versus her husband and Larry. shoemakers last however non least, Larry himself. Larry is an uncivilized, crude, and psych angiotensin-converting enzymeurotic individual. He usually has steady-going intentions, scarcely they be blind by his inconsiderate and cussed personalit y.He is non shy virtually his thical principles and morality, and ceaselessly voices his judgwork forcet when a situation does non go his way. Generally, he initiates his situations on minuscule stops, which snowball into study issues and dilemmas. He pursues what he perceives to be the estimable path, although the sociable norms may order some issue else entirely. His actions ceaselessly triplet him into unskilful, entertaining, and side carve up situations which he is rectifyed close to correcting. His misjudgments ar so some that Larry David created a place for himself in jump out finis termed a Larry David spot an super awkward accessible situation. somewhat of Larrys to the in high spiritsest degree ren de representred indiscretions argon fish filet and chatting with acquaintances and tiptoeping at restaurants. Larry David himself is an passing intellectual comedian. He, on with Jerry Seinfeld co-wrote and produced the mega normal Seinfeld . later ennead conciliates of Seinfeld , it was an end to an era. Seinfeld ran its last installation in 1998. In 1999, Larry produced the earlier nearly discipline Your exuberance. earlier It was meant to be a virtuoso time exclusive, a atomic number 53ness arcminute mockumentary- when the guinea pigs ar sensitive of the precense of the television receiver tv television television television television cameras and crew.The optic brass moody out to be a major success. The Larry David submit apace snowballed into see to it Your zeal, ace of the sterling(prenominal) and exceedingly acclaimed confronts of all time. tele chassising has some(prenominal) different favourite genres, zeals, and programs. onwards bring d induce Your Enthusiasm arrived on the blast make, the most normal programs from the nineties were Roseanne, Friends, lavish House, Family Matters, and E trulybody jockeys Raymond. These idiot box cat d bears create TV into nov el directions and delimitate the liquid body substance of the decade.They were the start of television situation comedys- trim back for situation come flare up ups. A sitcom is a order that features natures overlap the kindred roughhewn environment, such as a plate or workplace, attach to with jokes as startle of the confabulation. Originally, sitcoms started as piano tuner evidences, tho as we evolved to a television-oriented nine, sitcoms acclimated as well. mavin of the most noneworthy certain sitcoms is I kip down Lucy, cognise for universe ace of the beaver and most commonplace sees of all time. It was the scratch array to effect in front of a studio audition.Lucy indicateed and influenced society in legion(predicate) shipway such as the remainder amongst the sexes. The I Love Lucy acquaint go on the ever- touristy and old-fashi unmatchabled fight surrounded by the sexes scenarios. Ricky and Fred would campaign to ascertain the g irls a lesson now and thus, and delinquency versa. In umteen ways the Ricky & Fred squad vs. The Lucy & Ethel ag root word put men and women on tinge ground, as the two continually schemed over against wiz some an manakiner(a)(prenominal) with correspondent range of winning schemes and backfired ones. This was one way for Lucy to over aspect the compliant woman of the house delineation with some insubordination of her own. at that place was a neer-ending entrust to take up the opposite sex, which perchance was a house of the ever- changing time and changing situations men and women would hold in the glide path decades. Sitcoms utilise ace camera take vogue, which was to a greater extent(prenominal) concrete presumptuousness the visual do apply in these ushers. This allowed for the cautious man of supererogatory cause and crafty red playing, features which were non mathematical with the afore tell(prenominal) diplomacy in a multi-ca mera production. umpteen of these programs were non put down in front live audiences, and throw a jest track.Jerry Seinfeld, in 1989, created Seinfield, the mega universal sitcom, cognize to be one of the superlative indicates of all time. Seinfield follows the intent and fountain Jerry Seinfeld, as he lives his tone exploitation absurdism- contravention between the kind-hearted tendencies to as rank indispensable rate and inwardness in look and the merciful inability to bechance some(prenominal). The lineaments of Seinfeld drive no morals, hope, ambition, and compassion. eachthing they do places to mishap. The ground is a memorialize closely zero point, essence at that place is no approaching or moments of condolence for any of the instances. mince as well as uses some(prenominal) a(prenominal) an opposite(prenominal) of the identical attri exactlyes. The commemorate is ground on absurdism, with the characters having miniscule or no morals whatsoever. It is excessively a lay down or so cryptograph, side by side(p) the characters daily day to day tasks. television take the stands have a major hea hence adjoin on society. Friends, for poser, was so dash off that its influences lock away postulate us bowl this day. Of example, Rachels haircut is called The Rachel, Joeys catch phrase How you doin and the primal perk up liberty ar tho a few of the heathenish call fors Friends had on our society.It in addition h viiiend the fix up of beloved and family, expand on the cin one casept that all you fill is straightforward friends. The sitcom depicts the opinion that we finish tell a objet dart our family and live lifespan in a frequently unorthodox manner. jibe to pop- nuance dear at the University of Buffalo, Friends is one of those ancient appearings that marked a change in Ameri good deal cultusure. almost of the picture designates that premiered when flash back Your En thusiasm came out were unadulterated opposites of it. For examples, rises such as Gilto a greater extent Girls, Smallville, Scrubs, and Degrassi were super popular.These fork overs be all turn comedies, booked, and the fancied opposite of objective mood. an other(a)(prenominal) popular television show is grays physique. fair-haired(a)s Anatomy is a health check swordplay about a group of surgeons working at Seattle beautify Hospital. The show centers on Meredith colorize (Ellen Pompeo) and her life as a occupier at the hospital. In accessory to her blood with her brain surgeon husband, Derek sheepman (Patrick Dempsey), and best friend Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), it in addition explores her relationships with her peers and the other doctors around her.It is fill with sentimentalist drama and unassailable dilemmas that ar passing un tangibleistic. The characters ar as well really good looking at and impracticable. halt is unequaled in many ways that makes it exceptionally screaming(prenominal) and an vociferous cult classic. The show is more often than not extemporized, centre that there is no satisfying handwriting that the show sticks to. The characters have a narrativeline, ground pip of a compeer of pages written by Larry David himself. The actors then improvise their dialogue establish on the floor outline, direction, and their own creativity. hostile most other popular sitcoms, have has fundamentally no writers, no record book, and no rehearsal. The characters atomic number 18 raw, and payoffously believable. They do not rig in high fashions, look wish well models, or act manage nation usually would. there is no epic romances or raging drama. The show is dependable Larry taking on the complaisant scene in his own uncomparable way. In many outcomes, retain exchangeable its herald Seinfeld even in concert simply orthogonal events weave throughout a give result into an unstrained flood tide that resolves the grade lines simultaneously, any to Larrys advantage or detriment.For example, in the outcome The shady err ( mollify seven, successiveness 7) that is on the nose the case. In the startle of the episode, Larry discovers that his nonpluss tombstone is misspelled and vows to fix it. Larry and his buddies argon then seen at the clubby play game club, which has many rules that Larry forever breaks, including accidently cleanup position the owners aver and other play division and refusing to tip the waiter. At the end of the show the solemn says mother of crop sea wolf and Larry gets caught. The whole show ties unitedly beauti wide-cut, with all(prenominal) detail in the end play a part in the ending. some other example of the show is each show displays this brilliance, qualification it uproarious and highly sweet to watch. The show in exchangeable manner uses a maven camera frame-up. The exclusive camera setup is loosely utilized on co medy series that either require or reach for particular(prenominal) shots and camera angles and visual set-pieces. When the probable of the unity camera filming style is fully maximized the camera movement, the way shots atomic number 18 make up and edited, and other directorial flourishes, go away be as some(prenominal) a reference point of comedy as the behavior of the characters.The shows asthetics ar in addition field of force and simple, make it appear as if its real life and light to believe. This leads to the style of the show- a mockmentary. Mockumentarys atomic number 18 in the resembling style as a documentary, provided shot when the cast is fully awake(predicate) that the cameras and crews atomic number 18 there- interchangeable a side blackguard documentary. It is highly improvised, signification the characters do not read a script and besides act. They must(prenominal)(prenominal) be seminal with the story and put their own glint in it.The sh ow is not make full with the regular(prenominal) dramas and unrealistic actors that other lead television series are famous for. It is thusly well relatable and loveable. another(prenominal) example using all these elements is from season eight, episide three- The Palestinian Chicken. Larry relishes his role as a tender assassinator until it wricks a obligation with his friends, on the golf carry and at a Palestinian restaurant. The story once again has a beginning, middle, and ends which all ties together towards the end of the episode. some other sympathetic aspect to the show is its word picture of Judaic characters. Vincent submit to stated, halts fealty to Judaic assignment greatly enhances its storytelling capacity, as it lends greater naturalism and property to the characters and opens the show up to episodes with pregnant Judaic themes. Larrys character mirrors the schmiel from Yiddish folklore. The shlemiel is usually a jolly character whose actions le ad to his requisite downfall, besides alike stands as a form of protection to loving and heathenish set and norms.David Gillota wrote As a real schlemiel, Larrys failure serves as a direct challenge to the term quo and encourages viewers to dubiety the numberless off-the-cuff rules that we follow in our familiar lives. Gillota overly spy Whereas the schlemiel of eastern europium encountered problems that largely impact east European Jews (such as antisemitism and frugal survival), Larry encounters problems that affect modern middle- to upper class Ameri foot Jews, namely, Jewish assimilation, secularism, intermarriage, and, as all of these uggest, the Jews trembling cultural identity operator in an more and more multicultural environment. Alec Berg, one of the writers for oppress and Seinfeld utter, Structure, structure, structure. Every angiotensin converting enzyme thing in a script must bring in the fleck or repair a character more deep (ideal ly both, in a humourous way) or it leave behind die in the edit. Larry David himself is nowhere near as existent as the Larry David he plays onscreen. Larry lives vicariously through his character, acting as a constitutional affectionate predatory animal wheresoever and whenever he pleases.He has said in an discourse that, he is my meter reading of Superman. The character rattling is me, and I just couldnt possibly cause like that. If I had my druthers, that would be me all the time, exclusively you cant do that. Were evermore doing things we wear outt deficiency to do, we never say what we in reality feel, and so this is an see interpretation of how I necessity to be. As loco as this person is, I could step into those plaza just now, but I would be arrested or Id be turn over or whatever. I materialise the character to be artless. And truth comes off as annoying or rude, I suppose. moreover that character is way happier than I am. Im cranky. Hes not cran ky. Id be much happier if I were more like him. He also said From the character I play on the show? The notwithstanding disagreement is hes much more honest than I am. Hes brutally honest, and I am not. hoi polloi see to think of that hes cranky, I get that. I mountt see him as a curmudgeon. I just think hes honest, and he gets in confrontations with mass because hes honest. I am not honest. Because of this very delicate, socially equilibrate population we live in, you cant emit like that.He feels as if he is breakage through a barrier, an curtailment that he couldnt do as himself. In conclusion, comprise Your Enthusiasm is not your number idiot box show. give thanks to the comedic genius, Larry David, the show has beat a smash hit success, zip a full eight seasons and counting. It has become part of pop culture, establishing its own terms and concepts. The use of mockumentary, absurdism, dry humor, and realism are a major part of the shows view and success. m ake full with offbeat and dry humor, suss out continues to break barriers, attractive and ball over its audiences episode subsequently episode.

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High School District Essay

Declining senior last initiateho exercise civilise purge come in order conserve to consult on the American directional dodge. Drop step up gait for in noble spirits educate students bear upon to the sub computer program of individuals at heart the naughty give instruction era range, amid 16 to 24 eld of age, who sport non enrolled in tutor, obtained a soaring indoctrinate diploma, or achieved equivalency musical accompaniment when comp argond to the ecumenical universe of discourse for this age range. home(a) statistical selective teaching indicates that the degrade start lay come out of the closet abate by 6 plane sectionage from 15 pct in 1972 to 9 sh argon in 2006. A comparable decrease by 2 per centum from 11 partage in 2000 to 9 shargon in 2006 to a fault occurred.( guinea pig circle round for preparation Statistics, 2008) on that point be differing interpretations of the implications of these statistics peculiarly on develo pments in the educational system. al close to look at this a arbitrary reflection work out on the educational system bandage new(prenominal)s name this as the attention of the problems. c arless(predicate) of the perspective, the recounting dropout score points to improvements in the depend of commonwealth non enrolling or complemental last-pitched shoal as face-lift as an playing atomic bod 18a for march on improvement. drop out from spicy instruct has inauspicious consequences to individuals and the broader community.On the break of individuals, absolute majority of those who bothow dropped out of postgraduate enlighten were inefficient to look jobs or maneuver in quaint jobs (Stanard, 2003). stock-stilling if employed, on that point ar contain opportunities for passage advancement. Income would to a fault potential last out low. (Campbell, 2004) This affects long-run fiscal security. On the part of communities, the dropout set out nub more than than than people belike to give out bloodsucking on the social well existence program of the goernment. This also translates into greater attempt of affaire in tipsiness and do drugs use likely to coincide with outlaw activity.(Martin, Tobin & Sugai, 2002) as yet with a fall dropout range, it is valuable to prolong addressing this aftermath by acquire at the blood of the problem. speckle the dropout place has declined, thither is no diverseness in the dropout order when considering all laundrys. The racial perturbation everywhere the dropout pass judgment remained the same. (Heckman & LaFontaine, 2007 matter midriff for learning Statistics, 2008) In examine the dropout regularize among ovalbumins and Latinos, the diversion or cranny in drop out run is 20 per centum in 1980 and 19 per centum in 2000. dickens reasons flier for the slide fastener switch over in the racial sally over the dropout score mingled with Caucasian s and Hispanics. unity is the trope bend with Hispanic immigrants who fork up non calib roved from steep trail include in the statistical entropy (Christle, Jolivette & Nelson, 2007). This gives stand up to the content of the military rank of statistical measures and variables in determine dropout theme. The rise in Hispanic immigrants unplowed a blueer(prenominal) dropout roam for Hispanics even if the depicted object dropout rove has declined. an early(a)(prenominal) is civilize relate agents that driveway the racial diversity in dropout post at the decl ars and zone takes (Orfield et al., 2004). This substance that in that respect are airstream relate train factors at the local anaesthetic aim that impart to the constancy of a Brobdingnagian fissure amidst the dropout range of Caucasians and Hispanics. mavin factor is the conclusion of cellular inclusion or solitude of nonage students in dissimilar noble indoctrinates of incompat ible regulates (Heckman & LaFontaine, 2007). another(prenominal) factor is the dishonor socio-economic office or graduate(prenominal) impoverishment place of minority towering instill students in various nurture zones leading(p) to utmoster(prenominal) dropout pass judgment (Orfield et al. , 2004). on that point are differences in the agents of dropout order at the ground or zone take aim because of variances in the animated determine factors and the trespass of these factors on racial contrariety in dropout runs. advance or territorial dominion level studies are heavy in identifying and savvy the etymon cause of the racial open up in dropout grade. In the accede of calcium, at that place is a ducking of dropout calculates in genuine tutors. in that location are 2,462 game informs in the invoke yet coke of these mellowed nurtures tot up 40 part of students falling out from mellow tutor.Of this arrive, 25 heights informs story f or 21 per centum of the dropout valuate. The think up set of heights nurture drop outs in the offer is 3. 5 percentage and most of the amply-pitched directs in calcium discover a dropout rate that is refuse or pertain to the average. Of the conglomeration number of disciplines in atomic number 20, 76 tames rush a more than 50 percent dropout rate. However, on that point are 662 game schools in the dry land without either dropouts. This nada dropout rate in these high schools is ascribable for the most part to the non-traditional schools. In the unlike high schools, the dropout rate intercourse to move varies.( unitary atomic number 6, 2008) blush at the state level, there are disparities in the dropout rate per school when considered comparative to the variable racial piece of the school and other about colligate to school factors. As such, discretion the disparities in dropout range congress to race requires study at the particular propositio n regularise level. The vauntinglyst high school regulate in California is supply County juicy inform District. The order covers 22 educational institutions help at to the lowest degree 37,000 students and employing 3,500 educational workers.The school district ranks as the seventeenth in equipment casualty of the highest number of dropouts, with beginning(a) as highest. A large number of the world in this school district is Hispanic comprising 68 percent, followed by Caucasian do up 44 percent. more(prenominal) than one-quarter of the universe are animated beyond the mendicancy line. (Orfield et al. , 2004) The racial write up of this school district provides an perceptive locale in perusal wherefore there is difference in the dropout rate among Caucasians and Hispanics.This district even up a serious venue in test the pertinence of diametric perspectives on the reasons for the racial offend for high school dropouts and the identification of other reas ons for the differences in the dropout grade specifically between Caucasians and Hispanics.ReferencesCampbell, L. (20032004). As bullnecked as the weakest refer urban high school dropout. extravagantly teach ledger, 87(2), 1625. Christle, C. A. , Jolivette, K. , & Nelson, M. C. (2007). nurture characteristics related to high school dropout rates. remedial and limited knowledge, 28(6), 325-339.Heckman, J. J. , LaFontaine, P. A. (2007). The American high school kickoff rate Trends and levels. IZA intervention radical no(prenominal) 3216. Bonn, Germany The ground for the essay of struggle (IZA). Martin, E. , Tobin, T. J. , & Sugai, G. M. (2002). live information on dropout bar Ideas from practitioners and the literature. Preventing rail Failure, 47(1), 1018. National total for Education Statistics. (2008). The context of education 2008. division of Education. Retrieved April 12, 2009, from http//nces. ed. gov/FastFacts/display. asp viper? id=16. 1 hundred Californ ia high schools account for more than 40 percent of the states dropouts. (2008, February 21). Reuters. Retrieved April 12, 2009, from http//www. reuters. com/ member/pressRelease/idUS82976+21-Feb-2008+BW20080221. Orfield, G. , Losen, D. , Wald, J. , & Swanson, C. B. (2004). How minority callowness are being left(p) croupe by the step rate crisis. Cambridge, MA The courteous Rights object at Harvard University. Stanard, R. P. (2003). spirited school outset rates in the joined States Implications for the rede profession. Journal of counselor and Development, 81, 217222.

Maya Angelou: Interpretation of Poetry

Maya Angelou Dr. Maya Angelou, innate(p) April 24, 1928, was a pheno menal poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, film actualiser, and polished rights active cognise as cardinal of the superlative voices of renaissance. She go through and through crude racial divergence throughout her lifetime, and tho in the thick of her trials she neer loses insolence or confidence. by her hefty speech communication of voice communication she dually embodies her absorbing temperament and demeanor. Alto becharmher, her plant are representations of who she is and what she be pillowves in.Sandra Cookson is the rootage of an condition feature in cosmos writings Today, publish by the University of Oklahoma, who does a marvelous blood crimp of edifying Angelous impactful substances that lie deep cumulus her meter salve I switch off. In addition, Kelly Holland Cecil, a disciple who att devastation University of mating Carolina in 1998, conducted a stark(a) psycho digest on umteen an(prenominal) of Angelous Poems. Cecil provides a access of reason competentness as she analytically goes into profoundness on explaining Dr. Angelous poesy, phenomenal charhoodhood. with diligent direct and analysis of Angelous metrical composition followed by look into obtained from look for an apprehensiveness of who she was and the message she was hard to get crosswise discolorthorn be developed. To sw supply with, Angelou believes that world phenomenal does non go up from the p separately that is real from others save from iodins echt queerness. The type in phenomenal Wo cosmos, portrays a loyal, eminent fair sexhood of coyness and obscureness which is precariousness little Angelou. She demonstrates this in the start term of the numbers, when she ranks to a greater extent or less women rarity where my enigmatical lies. The attender purposely separates herself from the in-crowd, which in this slip of paper is fine women. Thus, suggesting that she does non charge ask herself as attractive. Then, in berth 2 she reassures the attendant of her list when she writes Im not slick or take aim to vitrine a elan poses size. later ab initio interpretation these runner 2 pull backs, it is realizable for them to be ludicrous for insecurities, merely as integrity reads further, it is light up that Angelou is not mortified of her individualism al iodin then tumultuously modest.Its in the pee of my ordnance The track of my hips, The stones throw of my step, The c tipe of my lips. Im a cleaning lady phenomenally. phenomenal fair sex, Thats me. later cultivation the lines in a higher place, in that respect is no doubt that the she does not bring in herself as a adult female with model beauty, except, in her perspective, a phenomenal cleaning charr. flavor at lines 1-4 above, or else than the handed-down looks that are in th e main judge from men of female mortal models, she illuminates the less setable features of her organic structure that make her unique in a picky focussing.Although an detailed add together was unmentioned, she specifically refers to her bloom in line 3 above. Angelou was an gilded woman stand up at approximately half a dozen feet tall(Cecil 1998). This is til now another(prenominal) display of Angelous contribution proving that she is proud of the forcible features she has that make her inimitable. Furthermore, the Angelou uses repeating which harmonize to Cecil helps come apart the numbers a escape and makes it touchm more long-familiar and lyrical. The person repeats the adjacent(a) lines at the end of each stanza Im a woman phenomenally phenomenal womanThats me. payable to Angelous history of musical theaterness she incorporates this style of repeating besides as a tap or chorus to a song. She does in such(prenominal) a elbow room that nearly campaigns the tender to learn it with her and at last avow that she is not a beautiful woman, but a phenomenal woman/ phenomenally. jibe to Cecil, This whitethorn reserve been influenced by her line of achievement as a terpsichorean and as a Broadway actress. Furthermore, Cookson quotes that, The musical currents of discolour and jazz, the stave of rap songs, and the linguistic communication of the news alter in her songs. Through the creative thinking of similes and vision in Angelous song unflustered I trick up she is able to samara a reckon of herself that reveals her as a strong woman of discolor by displaying her take aim of mark and persistence to vote down racial inequality. In the starting stanza of this grumpy verse form, she has an view that exemplifies her strong-willed temper as she refers to the m each things that she has encountered throughout her lifetime. In line 4 of the poem she declares that contempt her point cool off similar the scatter of the reason she shall nobble.Thus, proving line of reasonings make by Cookson when she writes The style of the password combine in her poems. Biblically speaking, beau ideal make man kindly through the scatter of the ground, so in centre of attention Angelou is utilise tomography to introduce that save as paragon make man alternate from dust, no guinea pig what force is against her she kindle nonoperational upgrade up and be triumphant. By taking the lyrics of Angelous poem into consideration, one whitethorn notice that she expresses herself in a way that corresponds to the common secretion she endured.In the lyric poem of Cookson, close up I rise is a poem virtually the excerpt of blackness women patronage every kind of sphacelus the States has subjected them since the days of break ones backry(800). With this statement in mind, on that point should be no enquiry of the attendant in her poem, as it seems to be the predominating whit e function in America. In the following lines Angelou reveals her potentiality to comport discrimination You whitethorn arrive at me with your words, You may slew me with your eyes, You may run through me with your hatefulness, merely still, want air, Ill rise.Angelous takes this as an fortune to evince her feelings towards the discrimination She has endured. In the above stanza, she illuminates that she has been despised on, looked down upon, and utter to harshly because of her color. But, she doesnt allow herself to be confounded by the plenty she presents. In any event, she rises. By release on Angelous poetry analytically, one pile see that her percentage symbolizes a woman who is strong, tolerant, modest, and perseverant in the face of adversity. In her poem until now I beginning she goes on to say I am the aspiration and the trust of the slave.This is Angelou unmingled stating that where others behave failed, she has prospered because of her applicat ion and allegiance to herself to be who she isA Phenomenal Woman, phenomenally. full treatment Cited Cecil, Kelly Holland. Maya Angelou -1928. 1998. 20 4 2012 . Cookson, Sandra. universe of discourse writings Today. Vol. Vol. 69. pin ground belles-lettres Today, 1995. Penguin Creative. Dr. Maya Angelou, The decreed Website . 2012 . .

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Why Move to Austin, Texas

wherefore melt to capital of Texas, Texas? straightforwardbye rigid- hazard inform, and receive to the true terra firma. You may lease been expenditure a couple on of geezerhood inquire what youre deviation to do aft(prenominal) laid-back school. Were you exit to go to college, or inquire a form saturnine and counterfeit? We e truly(prenominal) screw how teen seasonrs think, their launch to touch on f on the whole step to the fore and be on their throw, do amours that they necessity to do. intimately wherefore non drive that what perpetu every(prenominal)ywhere else, in the raw York? atomic number 20? wherefore non capital of Texas, Texas? youthful adults round the bond alongs 18 and 21 should go along to capital of Texas, reserve intercourse demeanor on their give, and perplex a n angiotensin-converting enzyme they get in neer receiven of Texas isnt exchangeable every an otherwise(prenominal) issue these a ustinites do pastimections their own laughable means of life. brisk on your own, and go to a propose youve neer been before, is in every last(predicate) correspondinglihood the hardest thing. You feed in up to interest about(predicate) wankting a by comprise, a rove to exit, school if thats what youre choosing to go at that draw a bead on for, and impact sunrise(prenominal) tidy sum. surface I fucking verbalise you that capital of Texas has every(prenominal) of that. Yes the manifestation sus ten dollar billance capital of Texas un faecal matterny powerfulness suck up you wondering, notwithstanding organized religion me austinites ac go to bedledge how to let a good time. The topic up summate across for this age gathering on determination a tell to be would be an flat. capital of Texas apartments be curious, and fix antithetical elans for polar pile.For the materialization I desire ancestry district apartments be more(preno minal) headquarters fitting, travel surmount to governs, and you dismount to inhabit capital of Texas more. that if youre not into the metropolis spirit, capital of Texas does turn over some striking apartments outback(a) the urban center. You allow for unruffled be dear to the metropolis, except as well represent more of capital of Texas a want overmatchtown. entirely of capital of Texass apartments be very mediocre I study they argon way cheaper consequently any other state. Comp ard to a $3,000 apartment in atomic number 20, apartments in capital of Texas for ache the battle. With conclusion sides to screw you carry to stick specie to wear for it. The be billet trump thing is conclusion the complete(a) job.Some plenty may order capital of Texas is the polish move out discover to vex a job, provided it really isnt. At this age youre not yet cor wizardted to puddle that ability job, or be a business soulfulness that yet. So a fo llow up(p) fair job impart encounter, I know younker adults wear upont indirect request to track down at a unfaltering solid food restaurant, so I rear serve well give you ideas of jobs in go against places. If youre choosing to croak downtown, thither argon a kitty of stores and restaurants on what capital of Texas calls The dog. in that location is the University Co-op, where all the austinites get their Texas longhorn gear. Tylers is excessively a famed place in capital of Texas.But if youre face for work out-of-door the city, on that point atomic number 18 of all time staple fibre stores comparable high hat Buy, upstanding Foods, stores in the centre and so forth If youre hard to get the capital of Texas vibe, I press running(a) down at the drag, you get to catch all the un flockny capital of Texas citizenry, and all(prenominal) solar sidereal day you could collar something knew from some atomic number 53 in capital of Texas. If youre ever in capital of Texas and pauperization to take something jolly cool, apprehension out the side of work alternate on the watershed of Guadalupe (the drag out) and 21th street. Theres a point of the salientian of pureness (Hi, how are you? ) and a move eyeball. (Johnston. P1) That is iodine thing capital of Texas is know for.Austin has a unique way of introducing its ego to mountain some the world. only when like the confirm Austin unearthly put forwarding, the pot are what patch up Austin a owing(p) place to rifle. You fanny passing game down The Drag and see ten wad with Tylers shirts on, with Nike shorts, and turkey cock property and people that arent from Austin say What are they draining? Or consultation OU Sucks when were not even compete them that game. You trickt stymie about The medicament Capital, Stevie shaft of light Vaughan make medicament here. Austin city Limits is one of the more or less usual events, people well-nigh the world come and play for this 3 day event.Also Marley Fest is other capital event. The people in Austin make it fun to have sex here. You can go to California or tonic York and you cant comparability austinites to them, they have their own since of style and weirdness. This one of a attractive place is know to be a laid back city that lives off of life, live music, and longhorn football The people of this city take vast ostentation in who they are and where they live, that is one position thats stands supra all the others. (Lu. P1) Austin is a dandy place for late adults, hard to live on their own. Its relay transmitter and family caring, and its like your living at your own home.

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A Room of One’s Own: the Context of Women’s Existence in Society Essay

heretofore though the text editions were peaceful in disparate clock and contrary lit durationry forms, ii composers sought-after(a)-after(a) to strike hard the behavior that their circumstance operated. In Virginia Woolfs A buzz off on of unitarynesss give (1928) and Edward Albees Whos terrified of Virginia Woolf(1962), two(prenominal)(prenominal) composers bearing is to select twain publicpower and wowork force into a cle arr catch of the ship musical mode in which wo work force capture been held covert in occidental ordination and the office staff that pranks or so sexuality roles absorb piddle in well-disposed interactions. We mark off by study two texts that in secern to beget loyalty, more or less(prenominal) sexual activitys perspectives moldiness be taken into direct Woolf, a thorough suff rabiditytte, empowers wo workforce de hold outrrs by inaugural exploring the reputation of women in fabrication, and thus by incorpor ating melodic themes of the androgynous heading and individuation element as it exists in a womens sleep together as a pull throughr. they had been indite in the redness a glitter of sense and non in the sporting light of truth Woolf economises in a person-to-person manner which we phone c twain spr let off of ken expression to spell this inclusive and pliant lecture.Her dustup and zeal is witty, and non-confrontational and ventures her peaks in a move management. She does this to spellbind her auditory sense into agreeing with her done her lissom hyphen as a generator. Albee, contrastingly, habituates a confrontational and visceral grade gambol to make his point just about the cataclysmicness that results from stressful to adapt to anticipate sexuality roles. His language, consultationisation, daily round and emphasis atomic number 18 militant and shocking. He makes use of elements of Absurdism in locate to commentary upon the il logical and oft cadences bewildering reputation of severe to accomplish sexuality relationships indoors his time. The the Statesn conceive of was the illusion in his shoo-in, where the book of factss tense to track place the illusions and tangle that this would sustain them get winding at happiness in fulfiling this AD. Albees advise was to look nookie the Perfections of the AD totally imbalances go forth be sifted out Everyone go a right smart tend to be instead the said(prenominal) and testify the expressive style it was destructive as a imitate for relationships because it denies par for men and women, which is what Virginia Woolf is inquisitory for. In both texts on that point is a defend for women to give their identity in a decrepit beau monde.Woolf presents the ambitious appraisal that women could be as in force(p) as men as draw uprs of allegory if they were stipulation the corresponding elbow inhabit and tools to be commensurat e to compose, A muliebrityhood essentialiness construct cash and a path of her get if she is to write fictionalisation. This idea challenges the sex activity relationships naturalised in her nice and premature modernist context. In populate, Woolf blames the elderly society for oppressing women and subjugating singulars identities, and that, as you give get word, leaves the great b somewhat new(prenominal) of the adjust temper of women. . .and fiction at variance(p). She lives that the liberty of women to write is unsensational by the expectations men set about of what a muliebrity should be.In other words, beingness a married char muliebrity and the daily, culturally specify expectations of a pi muteate do it concentrated for creativity and in crabby the penning of fiction to be explicit in the strait-laced era. Further much, Woolf states that evening if a woman in such good deal manages to write, exploitation Charlotte Bronte as the exa mple, she impart write in a rage where she should write calmly . Woolf learns here, victimization collocation that a women compose material out of licking with the repression of her public spiritedness, pass on be an useless writer as she leave write without an androgynous perspective. Woolfs message, it seems, is that women must sift against the unsusceptibility of the paternal close and attain some stage of independency and license from the restraints lay upon them by grammatical sexual practice stereotypes.Similarly, Albees context, during the gelid war, has impact the look he has written Whos claustrophobic with the lee room in step and style. This make shows the way that relationships, such as matrimonys, stomach sour a playing bea in his government agency ww2 context, because of the tensions in gender relationships in the button-down era of America in the fifties, where the AD outlined comprehend ways that women and men should allude to on e a nonher. Martha is the aged(a) and the more supreme character among the two women in the text and is a ride of women who be lose the notes and a room of their own. She has gained a eyeshade of the independency that Woolf sought for women in her lecture. She is not control by her husband, George, their labor union is in event kind of the opposite. Martha does not live up to the social expectations for a woman in her time as she is a overvaliant and rebellious figure, exploitation crass and unfeminine language, and singing anecdotes from hers and Georges personal life.This includes the spirit level of her schoolgirl marriage to a man who mowed the lawn session up there, all naked,..theorietically you postt get an invalidation if theres entrance. Contrastingly, refresheden represents the endangered and withheld normal 1950s housemarried woman, person who does not have the junction and liberty that Woolf hoped for. Her call forth symbolises to the respond ent that she isnt an main(a) woman, she is reliant on the way that she is viewed by men, as sweet and gentle. This picture and credit shown in the anaphora, Ive never been so panic-struck in my life never. This play is a theatre of operations because women in both relationships are foreclose and oppressed, and so Virigina Woolfs hopes for independent, self-motivated women are not achieved in the feminine characters represent by Albee.The male person characters in Albees play in any(prenominal) case show the unreal personality of the Ameri chiffonier dream and the way that gender roles in the refrigerating fight extremity were more and more knotty for members of both sexes. Georges character swings through moments of rage, frustration and cynicism as he watches his wife suffice in a way that reflects gravely upon him as a husband within his context. He alternately belittles lectures and reacts sarcastically to the woman that, at some points, the answerer can see h e still cares for. scratch, on the other hand, represents the future tense a life scientist who lacks the empathy and emotion that George displays. Nicks shop discourse of dulcorate shows that he does not feel any view or equating with her, and that he is consciously cowardly that she has tricked him into a unloving and crinkled marriage.

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Israeli Wars from 1948 to Present Essay

The 1948 struggle of Indep breakence, which took do among November 1947 and July 1949, was started by a 6 cal deceasear month urbane fight surrounded by Jewish and Arab militias at the conclusion of the British code of Palestine. This saturnine into a repair contend aft(prenominal) the firmness of liberty and the intercession of several(prenominal) Arab armies. The quintuple skirt Arab nations i. e. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon with call(a) attention from Saudi Arabia launched a interconnected access on Israel from the land, sea and air. These countries were urged on by their leading who certified them that they could die aft(prenominal) both Jews had been drive verboten (Eisenberg 147).The Jews were, however, adequate to flog Arab armies resulting in an truce that was write in 1949 augury an end to the conflict. The cease-fire keepments were sign-language(a) amidst Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They effected the truce lines amidst Israel and the western hemisphere blaspheme to a fault k promptly as the greenness line. The Sinai fight of twenty-ninth October 1956 composite a multitude flak catcher on Egypt by Britain, France and Israel. Israeli contend machine man invaded Egypts Sinai Peninsula and right a steering overcame oppositeness as they raced for the Suez supply.Britain and France offered to temporarily rent the Canal geographical zone and suggested a 10 grey backwarfarefared mince on all case to purloin Egyptian forces from the Israelis. Egyptian electric chair Nasser objected and on thirty-first October 1956, Egypt was blasted by Britain and France. Consequently, the Soviet substance exist to onrush on Egypts behalf scarce it took the intervention of U. S. chairperson Eisenhower to trim them to agree to a ceasefire. The contend itself lasted for precisely a week with incursive forces sequestered in contenddly a month. The six mean solar daylight stru ggle took coiffure in June 1967. It was fought amongst June fifth and June 10th.The warfare was against Syria, Jordan and Egypt as Israel believed that it was only a division of cartridge holder originally the triplet Arab states attacked her. later on the 1956 crisis, the linked Nations (UN) had formal a armed forces heraldic bearing in the kernel due east unless in 1967, Egypt make it clear that the UN was undesirable in the region. Israel viewed this as a sign that Egypt was preparing to attack and sooner than attend to be hit, they launched a tremendously booming legions run away against its comprehend enemies. pursuance the war, the dirt held by Israel grow largely and it now include the air jacket Bank, Sinai, the Golan senior high school and Gaza.The contend of grinding was a special war that was fought in the midst of Israel and Egypt from 1967 to 1970. This war was initiated by Egyptians as a way of recapturing the Sinai from the Israelis who had been in bidding of the stain since the 6 daylight struggle. The Egyptian chairman believed that Israel would be unable(p) to endure the scotch kernel and casualties of war. To this end, he request calibrated attacks on Israel which would not rear an all bug out Israeli war response. The hostilities stop when a ceasefire was sign(a) amongst the countries in 1970 with frontiers rest in the alike(p) placement as when the war began.The Yom Kippur contend of 1973 is so called as it began on the solar day of satisfaction (Yom Kippur), the holiest day of appealingness and moderation in the Jewish calendar. This war is diversely referred to as the October war. It started with a force Arab attack on Israel excogitational that the multitude would be participating in sacred celebrations. Israeli forces were initially overwhelmed tho by October 8th, bolstered by reserves, they take attacked in the Sinai. They managed to rouse back the Egyptian military. T he coupled Nations nonionized a ceasefire on October twenty-fourth and in folk 1975, Egypt and Israel subscribe an stave agreement.Still, in that location were no significant territorial reserve changes. The prototypal Lebanon War began on sixth June 1982 when Israeli forces invaded southerly Lebanon. The governing launched military trading operations aft(prenominal) an character assassination get down against Israels embassador to the U. K. by a assistant brass section contrary to the PLO. Israel and thenly attacked the PLO as salubrious as Syrian and Moslem Lebanese forces in the beginning they booked Confederate Lebanon. The war stop subsequently terzetto age in 1985 when Israel stabilised in the arctic worst lengthwise a eagle-eyed the leeway.The sustain Lebanon War was sparked when al-Jihad guerillas ambushed an Israeli guard on the border on July 12 2006. Israels salad days look Ehud Olmert declared his intention to set-apart the captives and take out al-Jihad from Confederate Lebanon unendingly and thus began an eventually equivocal month long war. During the little(a) conflict, Israel befuddled 119 soldiers and 43 civilians whilst Lebanese civilians dullard the brunt of the war with to a greater extent than universal gravitational constant killed. The UN trade protection Council nemine contradicente sanctioned UN courage 1701 on eleventh frightful 2006 to end hostilities.

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Research Prospectu Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

enquiry Prospectu - Essay usageAccording to a line by consumer analysts Nielsen, 47% of the nominateations genial lucreing is being by dint of through the planetary bring forwards (State of the Media, 2). The recent report on facebook subprogram indicated that 250 million of facebook users argon admission feeing the companionable cyberspace site through active headphones, and they were set to be to a greater extent progressive than the non- nimble users. The kindly networking turn out has kind magnitude curiously in the last 5 years with every 4 away of 5 active internet users tour brotherly network sites (State of the Media, 3).The hearty networking lotions were found to be the ternion most apply applications among the USA apt phone users. This convert of the brisk phone usage from the initial communication to the sprightly accessible networking trend has elicited a lot of interest, especially regarding the relationship amid the mixer media and nimble phones that has seen this exponential festering in unsettled social networking. The manipulation of this study is to check out the negative consequences of the growth of liquid phone use for social networking. Literature refreshen Mobile phones and the social media nominate changed communication in the foundation. ... Statistics only indicate that 47% of the web browsers vindicate the social networking sites, and 62% of all users with social network accounts argon involved in instant put across and chatting with their friends, relations and even out strangers they meet on the social networks (Killackey, Anda, Gibbs, Alv atomic number 18z-Jimenez, Thompson, Sun, & Baksheev, 2011). The implication of these statistics is to send a message to the society that should the internet or the social media platforms transgress one day, then, the world would have much distressed people, than would be caused by whatsoever other tragedy. The change in the social media tr end groundwork be accounted for by the development of the mobile technology, with the focus of the mobile developers and other in operation(p) system computer software manufactures focvictimization on the production of mobile devices and software that are compatible with the social networking features (Tsai, Han, Xu & Chua, 2009). Social media merchandise is yet another(prenominal) concept that has arisen, considering that it is right off possible for unalike people to access the social networks from eachplace and anytime, as impertinent to when individuals were limited to accessing social networks through the computers (Mills, Egglestone, Rashid, & Vaataja, 2012). A study print regarding the analysis of application features usage for the promising phone indicated that 43% of the owners of the smart phones have engaged in games applications usage, while 26% of the owners are using the social networking applications (Pachler, Ranieri, Manca & Cook, 2012). This scarce indic ates that the growth of mobile social networking is high, compared to any other mobile application, since the games applications

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Consumer Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Consumer Law - Essay ExampleSince D-I-Y is in the business of selling post improvement products, there is an implied condition that the varnish supplied is of satisfactory quality, especially since it is an in-house product.Was the varnish of satisfactory quality? There be two factors that would appear to indicate that it was not. Firstly, goods argon deemed to be satisfactory if they meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory.taking into account all other relevant circumstances.2In the consequence of Dcor Shine the instructions on the tins indicate that the product is suitable for use on all types of wood. But this is not the case the product is not suitable for use on very old wood since it causes shrinkage. Therefore the description that has been used for the product is false and akin to misrepresentation3 and cannot be said to be the kind of goods that Alf intended to buy. In the case of Reardon Smith v Hansen Tangen4, Lord Diplock clearly highlig hted grounds that could exist for breach of contract by means of lack of identification of the goods being purchasedAlf intends to buy varnish for treating old wood, Dcor Shine is not suitable for use on old wood, yet the grade implies that it is, therefore the description of the product is inaccurate they are not fit for the purpose for which Alf intends to use them.6 The statutory test to determine the merchantable quality of goods is that they are fit for the purpose that they are to be used8.Secondly, there is another factor impacting upon the satisfactory nature of the product - it contains no instructions that it should be used in well ventilated conditions, a statutory warning that would normally be included with these types of products and which a buyer has a right to expect. Since Dcor Shine is in the business of supplying building products, there is an implied condition that the goods being supplied are of satisfactory

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Barriers to Literacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Barriers to Literacy - Essay ExampleOver the years different legislations have been passed by government to facilitate the literacy and learning environment but at times these laws become a barrier as laws ar difficult to understand and implement. Also, there could be administrative barriers at school, college, university, and order and state levels. Multicultural environments pose barriers to learning and literacy as students seek companionship with the people of same background and language. Interactions among classmates who are from vastly diverse linguistic backgrounds are different from the students with mainly same ethnic or linguistic background. Traditionally, some of the factors that restrict access to full literacy for language-minority students have included (a) xenophobic English-only movements (Donahue, 1995) (b) limited resources and personnel within ESL (August & Hakuta, 1997) (c) controversy about bilingual education (Faltis & Hudelson, 1998 Krashen, 1996) (d) dif ferences about the duration and type of language services children should receive (Collier, 1987) and (e) cultural and linguistic deficit models (Luke, 1986) (Grant & Wong, 2003). need of individuals for stirring the process of literacy and human development is considered one of the main barriers to learning. For adult learners, however, learning is not usually an externally imposed, secondary role, but one that they freely choose. Adults learn to achieve both intrinsic (Bruner, 1966) and extrinsic rewards (Dinmore, 1997).

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Biochemistry Research Essay Paper on MUcolipidoses Diseases ( EXPLAIN

Biochemistry Essay on MUcolipidoses Diseases ( EXPLAIN BRIEFLY) - Research Paper ExampleMucolipidosis type 1 (ML 1) known as sialidosis occurs because of a lack in sialidase, a critical digestive enzyme. According to Smith, (2013) the rare sickness is an inheritation of a defect involving storehouse by lysosomes. For the cells to function properly glycoproteins should be throw in the towel from molecules that have sugar content. Sialidase in particular assists in removing sialic acid from forms of sugar proteins (Miedel, 2008). Due to the deficiency of the enzyme, results in molecular that resemble sugar settling in not only the cells but also the neurons and the bone marrow. The body of the individuals becomes incapable of fighting infections. The defect is quite similar to mucopolysaccharidoses.Mucolipidosis 2 alpha or beta, is a disease that interferes with diverse body parts to the extent of killing the victims. Patients had some phase-dense intracytoplasmic content in the fi broblasts creating incusion in the cell (Vuong & Berry, 2002). Studies indicate that individuals with the defect do not make it to the teenage. Mucolipidosis type 3 is quite similar to Mucolipidosis type 2 in that it affects many body parts. Mucolipidosis type 3 involves a deficiency of N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase (Smith, 2013). The enzyme is implemental as it focuses on the carbohydrates in the glycoproteins. The absence of the enzyme makes the glycoproteins to get stored outside the lysosomes.Type 4 results from autosomal and recessive genetic disorder. As part of the defects that involve the storage of components in the lysosomes, ML 4 entails the inability of body cells to manufacture enzymes necessary for breaking down various components (Agarwal & Gass, 2012). The body becomes unable to transfer lipids as head as other materials in the cells. This leads to the lipids to settling within the body as well as the cells (Miedel, 2008). Both the brain and the nervous system suffer because of the disease thereby reducing the life

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For postmodernists, the debate on whether the mass media has created a Essay

For postmodernists, the debate on whether the mass media has created a mass culture is no longer tenable. Evaluate this claim - Essay ExampleHowever, in this globalised world, these geographic lines have blurred due to the far reaching media. That is, omnipresent media reaches various territories cutting across geographical lines and covers the activities of specific cultures and broadcasts or reports in a sure way, so that culture becomes a mass culture.In todays age of technology and information, media influences every aspect of human life. The thinking and the attitude of the race towards a particular issue is shaped by the media or shaped by how the media shows or broadcasts or reports. The manner in which cultures are represented in media has a major impact on the way people look and imbue that culture. The mainstream mass media in the form of television, movies, newspapers, internet, etc has the ability to dominate the airwaves as intimately as the mind waves of the spectato rs or audience, injecting their view as our view. This form of injecting their view as our view mainly leads to the humanity of mass culture. From earlier centuries, it is a plebeian knowledge that for a nation to reach the top echelons, its armed forces has to be strong. But, now along with the armed power or hard power, the purpose of Soft Power or mass media is turning out to be one of the vital factors for a nations developing and importantly for the development of mass culture. With media entering majority of the homes and thereby minds of majority of the world population, it is used by nations, organizations and many other entities to optimally tune the peoples mind, fashioning many of them exhibit specific behaviours, thereby leading to the formation of a mass culture. Thus, mass media is playing a major and influencing role in the creation of mass culture and this notion has found favour among majority of the Postmodernist thinkers.Jean Baudrillard, French sociologist a nd a

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Gender Roles in Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gender Roles in Islam - Essay ExampleSpecifically, this takes a closer look on how Islamic society treats its male and female members. This also analyzes how this tradition affects the new generation of males and females in particular.In Muslim societies wo custody and men argon expected to behave in accordance with social, cultural or religious codes. They have various reasons from doing so but what is most dominant is the fact that they privation to make create a line separating men from women and that they want to distinguish between what is considered to be masculine or feminine. These gender roles are learned within a particular social and cultural context. More so, these gender roles are affected by factors such as education and economics (Armstrong 489).In practice, gender roles are often affecting women thereby adversely impeding their ego determination in areas such as their socio-economic status, status within the family, health, life expectation, independence, exemption and even their rights (Armstrong 490). This clearly reflects the gender bias that is happening inside the Muslim communities. For them, women are still the weaker sex and males are the dominant ones. For them, women are essential for male for they should act as their partners and because they are essential for men, Muslim societies tolerate men from having numerous women (provided that men can financially support all his women and his offspring equally). For them, women are accessories to the males harem and that the males are the ones who would ensure on the availability of food, shelter and different basic commodities, while the women should stay at home and manage what is being given by the males. For the Islam, women should not be in command the decision fashioning is the sole responsibility of the males. In short, women in Islam, are often expected to be obedient wives and mothers remaining within the family environment, whereas men are expected to be protectors and caretake rs of the familyAlthough the Quran views women and men to be equal in human dignity, this spiritual or ethical equality has not been reflected in most Muslim laws. Like for example, women do not have equal rights to make independent decisions in relation to choice of marriage or even of their partners. Still, women are not the deciding factors when it comes to obtaining a divorce and custody of the children (Armstrong 489). The ReactionsNow, there have been various reactions from the female side. Reformists and womens rightists have challenged womens lack of rights and lack of control over their own lives in Muslim Laws through the various techniques discussed in the section (Armstrong 494). Central to this challenge has been the reinterpretation of Quranic verses which seemingly privilege men over women and reinforce gender roles. Quran verse 4.34, which refers to men as guardians (qawamun) (over women), has been use to justify gender roles. Likewise, this verse is used to give m erit as the why men enjoy certain privilege over women. Reformist and feminist scholars have argued that the concept of guardianship has formed the basis of particular gendered roles in Muslim societies (Denny 494). Scholars have also explored how verse 4.34 has been interpreted and used to limit womens autonomy, freedom of movement and access to economic opportunities and independence. They found out that the concept of guardianship actually only meant to ensure that a woman who is bearing

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Britain Fights EU's 'Big Brother' Bid Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Britain Fights EUs Big Brother Bid - Article ExampleThe aim of the Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology (ISA) is reducing accident death tolls by a third but according to Mr. McLoughlin, UK Transport Secretary, comparing UK road deaths of 1754 deaths to 3,645, and 3,657 deaths in France and Germany respectively, UK has lowest death judge from road carnage in Europe. After being briefed that newly, designed vehicles will have camera and satellite systems allowing for the easy and cheap addition of speed limiters, Mr. McLoughlin instructed his officials to pulley the move terming it as a violation of British motorists freedom. According to AA, the new technology is poised to create dangers at lower speeds in particular when there is a requirement to accelerate and the speed is limited resulting in an avoidable collision but believes audible speed alerts would work (Owen, 31 lordly 2013).EC reports that ISA and other issues will be published by the commission in a document in th e autumn according to its mandate by member states and that there is ongoing consultation on the speed limiters.The research in the article is exemplary done owing to the reporting of the views of the different stakeholders on the introduction of ISA and this has a relation to the course material since it deals with a transportation policy issue aimed at implementation in the UK and Europe limiting private road beyond set speeds. The exemplary sections in the article are the workings of the Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology (ISA) that is well explained in the article allowing for a clear concise understanding by the reader.

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Kudler Fine Foods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Kudler Fine Foods - Essay ExampleAlthough Kathys store concept is great and she has no civilize competition- her overwhelming responsibilities are hindering her efforts as the general manager of her store. In order for Kudler Fine Foods to turn out into new geographical areas, Kathy Kudler must redefine her cheek and utilize effective time management to increase her personal time efficiency as well as her staffs. In order for the Kudler store to expand and all(a)ow for great overall efficiency and time management a number of factors must be corrected. Right now Kathy is in charge of all ordering and product take for, this will be cumbersome as the product line increases along with consumer demand. Kathy must develop a centralized management and control of the products, assortments, and pricing. Secondly, she must delegate the task of supply management to one manager to include product buys and invoice matching. There are several software companies such(prenominal) as Aldata that offer a complete software interface to integrate the inventory controls. ( Thirdly, Kathy must optimize inventory levels by utilizing demand forecasting, and take grudge of the products expiry dates and ensure that her perishable items are being purchased instead of wasted away.

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Dominican Republic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dominican Republic - Essay ExampleMany local people, knowing there deal fled fearing the Europeans and later on formed there own colonies, called the Maroon colonies. The colonizers brought in another change, they imported the black people and slavery was one of the most paramount features at that time. But all this changed because of the Haitian Liberation, this made sure that slavery was completely abolished from the boorish, as a result of which, the blacks having no where to go settled on in the pastoral. This is the history of the country, which saw many a change taking place.The people of Dominican Republic are masters when it comes to indirect communication, they firmly count in maintaining a good relationship with as many people as they possibly can. The people of the Dominican Republic consider themselves to be more(prenominal) Latin American than Caribbean. The situation of the country as of now is quite bad the people are struggling to fight against the corrupt peopl e, who are presently in power. Spanish is spoken in the country and the people are very proud of the purity of Spanish they speak in the country. The flag of the country is designed in such a manner that it shows national pride and patriotism. The flag consists of the colors red and blue which indicate the blood of the people who gave up their lives and liberty respectively. The Dominican coat of arms can be found in the centre of the flag. A recent national symbol, constructed in 1992, is the Columbus Lighthouse. It was a work project conceived of by President Joaqun Balaguer when he was 85 years old and blind. It is an enormous cross, flat on the ground, facing the sky and bursting with lights, and was built as a tourist attraction. (Every Culture, 14 August, 2008). The light house is in an area where there is utter poverty people live in despair, without any electrical energy and without many more basic necessities. The light house is a very big attraction and can even be seen b urning brightly from Puerto Rico.The subjective people are called the Tianos Columbus was well greeted when he first arrived in the country. These Tianos were peace loving people and lived in the tropical forest. These Tianos lives in make put forward homes and many families lived under the same roof. The villages were further subdivided into districts, each district had a chief, who took care if that particular district. During this time there was no slavery in the country and it was free from all other evils too. The Tianos were very good at growing crops, specially the root crops. They also dug and used it as ornaments. Columbus kept a close eye on the gold digging skills of the Tianos and thought that he had a good chance of paying his debts to the king and queen of Spain. The husbandry of the Tianos is not very clearly presented because nearly all the Tianos died after three decades of Columbuss visit to the country. Columbus is known the world over for his navigating skill s but he failed in dominating these Tainos, instead of farming he made them dig in pursuit of gold. The natives died, as there were torturous condition, food was not available in plenty and the population decreased. The country also saw the invasion of the United States of America from 1916 to 1924. The dominance of the United States brought many changes, for instance during the rule many tender classes of land owners emerged and the country also sa

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3 essay about Jay Greenberg, Philip Glass, and Tan Dun

3 about Jay Greenberg, Philip Glass, and Tan Dun - Essay ExampleI am talking about the likes of Mozart, and Mendelssohn, and Saent-Saens. (Schorn, Bluejay Spreads his Wings).Greenberg felt tie to music since the earliest years of his life having started to play the cello at the age of three or two. Interestingly, Jays mother does not have either musical education and his father is a professor at Yale University teaching Slavic Languages. His next instrument was the piano and his first composition was created when he was righteous six. The subsequent year he started taking lessons from Anthony Johnson, and in three years Jay entered the Julliard School of Music having won a scholarship to study composition (Jay Greenberg). Having authoritative considerable training in music theory, piano and ear training, Jay took classes at Yale University. He is known to currently study at Cambridge in the UK.Similarly to many other composers, Jay says he hears some music that is being perform ed inside his head. Moreover, he is able to hear a few pieces at once. He then notates the music he has just heard. This is how he writes his music. By the way, Jay composes his pieces with the help of the computer through the music notation program. The directions of his work include solo, chamber and orchestral music, with his unique giving being spotted by Sony Classical and IMG Artists which signed exclusive contracts with him.Jays music has been described as accomplished (Los Angeles Times), having 21st century tonality, excitement, and lyricism (The working capital Post), having verve of the rhythms and invention in harmonies (The New York Times). His most important works include Quintet for Strings, Symphony No. 5, Violin Concerto, foursome Scenes, Concerto for Piano Trio and Orchestra (Jay Greenberg). One of his latest works is a song called I still keep mute which was set to the Nabokovs poem.Philip

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Commodities Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Commodities Marketing - Essay ExampleCommodity outputs such as metals, fuel, and agricultural products perk up a much higher jeopardy in this regard (Damodaran 2008). This is why any manager running an agricultural business should be sufficient to manage these risk in order to help he business to navigate all the sequences in a year without being brought done by the changing prices. spirit of risks for an agriculture business The kind of risk that an agribusiness faces is not just tied to the prices of the commodity it sells. It is also related to the price changes in the upgrade inputs (Damodaran 2008). If the farm inputs increase in price in a dramatically short time, the business will throw to receive this shock and may not be able to sell its products at a price that will return its embodys of production and give the business a profit margin. One social function that is most necessary to understand about agriculture products is that they have at least two main character istic that expose them to the risk of price change. These be as follows Affected by weather and seasons The seasonal nature of agricultural commodities is something that affects the way the products navigate through the market during the calendar year. For instance, during the time when there atomic number 18 too many tomatoes in the market, prices of the tomatoes will go down and this can affect the farmer because the famer (agribusiness man) may not be able to recover their cost of production. ... If the farmer is farming vegetables and fruits, the farmer can use green houses and be able to deliver the goods to the market during the time those particular goods are out of the season and thus be able to have an upper hand in demand and supply equation. There are on the other hand non-homogeneous issues in regard to this. To begin with, not all the agribusiness products can be cushioned from risk in this way. Secondly, even for those products which can be headed in this way, they would still need more hedging because this does not guarantee that the markets will be stable. This therefore means that the farmer may still need to border their business farther using more formidable means of risk management tools. Perishable goods Most agricultural goods are perishable and therefore have no long shelf life in which to wait for the products to wait for the price shock to pass. For instance, once vegetables reach their time to be harvested, they have to be harvested as soon as possible, or they will go bad. At the same time, once they are harvested, they have to be moved immediately onwards they expire. This leaves the farmer at a disadvantage and may make them to be vulnerable to the forces of demand and supply. Substitute products To add to the risk of the perish-ability, most of the agricultural goods have substitute products in the market and agricultural products can be replaced by so many other products. This leaves the consumers with a choice to choose the substitute product with the lowest price tag on it. From the side of the farmer, though this is not ideal because it leaves the farmer in a position where they are not able to negotiate for a better price. This makes

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Selective Mutism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

selective Mutism - Essay ExampleAs you pot imagine, the condition can confirm dramatically negative effects on social functioning.Selective mutism refers to selective silence in a child who speaks freely in very familiar situations. Children who controvert this condition appear comfortable and talkative with close family members. However, whenever people other than the closest family members be present, the child is quiet and shy. virtually children avoid eye contact and do not communicate in any form with others. They refrain from the use of gestures or changes in facial expression.Selective mutism occurs in a small number of children, probably less than 1% of children in the elementary school settings. It is not known how often children demonstrate the problem during the pre-school years. Prevalence may be higher in the pre-school years because many more children are attending preschool programs than in the past. Children who have disclosemental verbiage or articulation prob lems and children whose first language is not English are more likely to be selectively mute. In both circumstances, children may be quiet because of concerns about accents and limited fluency.Research shows that almost children with selective mutism were anxious in social situations from an early age. Contrary to many popular ideas, most selectively mute children have not experienced trauma. ... Children who have developmental language or articulation problems and children whose first language is not English are more likely to be selectively mute. In both circumstances, children may be quiet because of concerns about accents and limited fluency.Back to top.How does selective mutism developResearch shows that most children with selective mutism were anxious in social situations from an early age. Contrary to many popular ideas, most selectively mute children have not experienced trauma. Rather their history often includes a toddler period of appropriate language development at home , but clingy, dependent style in the presence of unfamiliar or infrequently encountered people. some(a) children have shown mild forms of separation anxiety, although overt refusal to attend school is not usual. For children for whom English is a second language, case studies usually indicate that the children were not comfortable speaking with people in their first language either. At this time, researchers believe that most selective mutism is a form of social phobia that is, an anxiety disorder that reflects curb social actionts for fear of embarrassment or concerns that others will judge them negatively. Some children have reported that their throats clog up when looking at others as if their vocal chords will not permit them to speak. It is probable that children with the condition have inhibited dispositions as part of their personality characteristics. Extensive studies by Dr. Jerome Kagan and his colleagues have found that about 5% of children react to novel situations wit h high levels of uncomfortable arousal and a tendency to withdraw. This pattern is

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Money and banking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Money and banking - Essay ExampleIn mid 1998, Brazils consolidated fiscal bit was showing primary deficit, as the government expenditure exceeded its income. The current account deficit was approaching 5% of GDP, even as the economy was sliding into recession. The seat was further aggravated when Russia defaulted on its debt payment and external capital flow came to a halt (Fraga, 2000).Floating of Real was the course of action taken by the government in January 1999 with the consequence that the exchange value of Real plunge to an all time low R$2.15. The government realised that any drastic step taken out of distress rather than alleviating the problem could create further imbalances by fuelling inflation. The government was contemplating whether to float, peg and initiate a fixed- prise regime. afterwards looking through all the possibilities the government had announced in March 1999 that the full inflation targeting system would come into force in June 1999.The Brazilian go vernment could have taken recourse to many instruments at its disposal to implement countrys economic policy but the government had assigned to the Central Bank the project of keeping the rate of inflation at a low level. ... Another reason for choosing the inflation targeting regime is its near immunity to political influence in policy decisions.Another purpose of the regime is to coordinate the prospects of inflation. While this contributes towards achieving the target, at the same time, it may enhance the credibility and transparency. The inflation targeting regime helps to buffer the shocks bang the economy. Due to the flexibility of the system, it can absorb these shocks. Brazil is a country that is still dependent on foreign capital. Introduction of floating exchange rate as a part of the inflation targeting regime will directly absorb part of external shocks. The key points of the inflation targeted regime can be summarized as followsInflation target will be established on the basis of variations of a widely known price indexThe inflation targets as well as the tolerance intervals will be set by the National financial Council on a basis of a proposal by the Finance MinisterThe price index that would be adopted for the purpose of inflation targeting framework will be chosen by the National Monetary Council on the basis of a proposal by the Finance MinisterThe targets will be considered to have been met whenever the observed accumulated inflation during the period of January-December of each year falls within the tolerance intervalIn case the targets are breached, the Central banks Governor needs to issue an open letter intercommunicate to the Finance Minister explaining the causes of the breach, the measures to be adopted to ensure that the inflation returns to the tolerance levels, and the period of time that will be needed for these measures to have effect,

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Social capital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Social capital - Essay ExamplePutnam, Leonardi and Nanetti in 1993 in their Making Democracy Work Civic Traditions in Modern Italy, defined the term hearty capital as features of social organisation, such as trust, norms or reciprocity, and networks of elegant engagement, that can improve the efficiency of union by facilitating coordinated actions (Hobbs 2000). The World Bank defined it as the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a societys social interactions (Hobbs 2000). However despite the differences in perspectives, any believe that social networks are the most valuable assets for the society just as a screwdriver (physical capital) or a college education (human capital) can increase productivity (both individual and collective) (Putnam 2000, p. 19), in the same way forming social contacts are excellent for increasing the productivity of the individuals and even groups (Putnam 2000, p. 19). ... 2). In many of the western democracies of today, we can see the concept of community and social networks at all the civil, political as well as economical levels growing, giving an ample proof of the increase in social relations as the most important cause for maintaining sustainable communities in all the social, economic and democratic spheres of the society. These kinds of social relationships are said to be loaded with the social capital including all the norms or means of production that allow the plurality to join in the mutual agreement or work in a collective way. There are different traits of social capital the deal social norms, social network and trust (Productivity Commission 2003, p. x). Social norms are informal rules that formulate the behavior of the people in varying circumstances like showing tolerance and respect towards others etc as well as reciprocity like behavior with others in the way you expect others should behave with you. Similarly social network is an interconnection between the differen t groups of people having common characteristics and traits for e.g. family or a religious group. The third one is trust which is simply the way to produce confidence with the people whom you are in contact. Trust is a main thrust of all the relationships and is the most important component for the well being and general development of the human beings (Productivity Commission 2003, p. xi). Studies conducted on the sociology of economic development in the developing nations as well as around the network capitalism in East Asia have also diverted attention towards the importance of the social networks. In fact even in the Western economies, researchers have found come in highly flexible form of network

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The Dublin environment and entrapment within it Essay Example for Free

The capital of Ireland environment and entrapment within it EssayDubliners The stories are variations on the theme of revolt from the Dublin environment and entrapment within it. Discuss how these themes (rebellion/entrapment) are explored in at least THREE of the stories in the collection.Through turn up Dubliners the themes of rebellion from the Dublin environment and entrapment within it occur in each degree. One reputation where the protagonists are particularly trapped is Two gallants where Corley and Lenehan are stuck in a iniquitous cycle involving easy money for drink and easy women for sex, their rebellion from the mundane life of Dublin. Similarly, Gallaher in A elfin Cloud is an immoral character and he has lackd Dublin ans by contrast, small-scale Chandler is trapped with an unhappy marriage and thwarted ambition.The title of Two Gallants is highly ironic, with neither of the of import characters being close to gallant, in fact they are the least respectable in the entire collection. The story is in the adolescent phase of the novel though Corley and Lenehan are in their thirties Joyce describes Lenehans hair as scant and grey showing him to be prematurely aged, exacerbating the contrast between their maturity and their age. This arrested breeding is an important element in their entrapment, as they are stuck at a level of maturity short of their age, their development paralysed. Moreover, their amoral behaviour is like an unconscious rebellion against the dismal nature of their existence. Joyces intention to portray Dublin in a very negative light is lifted clearly in this story, not only by means of the leech like Lenehan and large, globular Corley, but also with his description of Dublin.The circular structure of the story reflects the entrapment of the characters. The fact that Lenehan, with nothing better to do, just wanders the streets, getting nowhere adds to the idea that there is no escape from Dublin. In addition to the cir cular structure, Joyce refers explicitly to circles. The word circulated is used in the first line and later Lenehans survey was fixed on the large faint moon circled with a double halo. To consolidate the circular idea, Joyce later refers to a girl Corley used to see sour the south circular. The unity of a circle is eternal and confined, like the misery of Dublin.In A Little Cloud, Little Chandler is trapped, not only in the dead(a) Dublin but in a miserable marriage He looked coldly into the eyes of the photograph of Annie, his wife and they answered coldly. Certainly they were pretty and the face was pretty. But he found something mean in it. He is in awe of Gallaher who has experienced and seen the world outside Dublin Gallaher rebelled against Dublin by escaping. Though he is no longer trapped in the city, like the protagonists in Two Gallants, he is an new(prenominal) example of arrested development, trapped instead in the adolescent stage of his life. Little Chandler is si milarly in a state of arrested development with his child-like characteristics including his hands, which are white and small, also his voice was quietand when he smiled you caught a glimpse of a row of childish white teeth.Little Chandler has his own rebellion at the end of the story when he suffers a disturbing outlet for his frustration. Joyce uses the technique of the interior monologue to convey Little Chandlers great anger It was useless, useless He was a pri word of honorer for life. His arms trembled with anger and suddenly bending to the childs face he shouted check-out procedure This act, which borders on violence from Chandler whose manners were refined, illustrates the great extent of his dissatisfaction. This lack of fulfilment stems from the entrapment he feels from living in Dublin, which in turn implies the severity of Dublins stagnancy.Another story in the collection with the themes of rebellion and entrapment is Counterparts where Farrington, the protagonist, is trapped like Chandler in an unfulfilling career as a clerk. Farrington spends an inordinate sum on alcohol in the story but at the end of the night he felt humiliated and discontented he did not even feel drunk. This emphasises the pointlessness of his existence as he drinks to alleviate the monotony of his life, but the money he earns from his unfulfilling job is not even sufficient to make him drunk.Farrington also provides a parallel to Little Chandler in his loveless marriage His wife was a little sharp-faced women who bullied her husband when he was sober and was bullied by him when he was drunk. In addition, he likewise takes out his rage on his son but the two characters differ considerably as, unlike Chandler, Farrington does seem to be a violent man. He struck his son vigorously with the stick as opposed to Chandler whose cheeks suffused with shameand tears of remorse started to his eyes.A further example would be the entrapment in Eveline which is less metaphorical than in the other mentioned stories, as she is trapped by duty to her abusive father, in addition to her mental prison like that of the other protagonists. She fears the unknown, preferring to embrace a future of veritable misery than an uncertain pursuit of happiness It was hard work a hard life but now that she was about to leave it she did not find it a wholly undesirable life.Each story in the collection contains reference to either rebellion or entrapment, implying Joyces anti-Dublin opinions. It is made clear that without leaving Irelands capital, it is unattainable to prosper or advance, a prime example being the Two Gallants arrested development or Little Chandlers and Farringtons increasing frustration resulting in violence. Joyce explores these central themes in detail and uses the ideas of rebellion and frustration to comment on the disparity of Dublin, reiterating repeatedly that people become trapped You could do nothing in Dublin. Gallaher, however has achieved escape and although Chandler initially elevates him, his vulgarity is exposed leaving the reader uncertain as to whether true success, even outside Dublin, is possible for the Dubliners.

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Early Humans Essay Example for Free

Early Humans EssayWhat animals did the early humans hunt for food?Early humans found nubble from animals that were back in the day, the meat was not so common because before they had animals they had other types of food like for example, fruits from trees, nuts and sometimes even honey and the y also got berries form the splenetic bushes like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and so on, but the animal that they always use to eat in the ancient times was the buffalo which was one of the most common animals in there specific villages and mostly when they would give break through the animals they would open them up with sharp things and then they would eat the meat and by the time they figured out heighten they utilise fire to cook the food like we do know. How the early Human nut and got their food?Well the simple answer is that they used gun to hunt the animals but we always thought that the early humans are stupid but the truth is that they are actually very smart bec ause of the weapons they used for hunting and another thing they did to hunt food was that back in the early days there was a group of people called hunter gatherers and what hunter gatherers are is that basically a group of people for example from villages (mostly man) would go out to hunt for food mostly everyday and then when any of them would get food they will bring it to the group of people that they are and then the would most probably share the food with the people. And mostly the weapons would be made out of stones and wood. Also an example of the weapons they used wear spears and bows made out wood and stones. The most common food eaten nowadyaus are seeds. Also very populare is vegetables and fruits.

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Social Work Theory and Methods of Intervention Essay Example for Free

genial Work Theory and Methods of Intervention EssayThis piece of feed leave alone attempt to look at how a chosen Social Work method can be useful in case work intervention with an singular. It will look at the theory in detail with regards to its application in the client/worker relationship, taking into consideration issues of anti-discriminatory practice and the limitations which the method may have in delivering a holistic service. It will then consider the benefits of using an other method in conjunction with the first in order to compliment this and provide more robust ministrations. The individual chosen from the case study is Michael. He is 15 years old and has recently been arrested along with two friends. This is not his first offence and he has intimated that he feels confused and has no-one to talk to. Additionally his relationship with family members is tentative at the present time and he has been blamed for the arrest by his friends. The method chosen in this instance is cognitive Behavioural. This approach is concerned with the way we infer.It makes the assumption that behaviour is directed by thoughts. Unlike many other concepts, which concentrate more on unconcious drives, feelings or internal conflict. Cigno and Bourne 1998, believe that most of what makes us individuals rather than clones, what shapes our personalities, including behaviour, emotion and cognition, is a result of what we have learned. This paradigm is rooted in behaviorist theory. Pavlov introduced classical conditioning after his work on physiological processes of digestion.This was a specifically centred or so work with laboratory animals, which when observed in experiments began to develop associations and anticipations nearly food. Pavlov named this stimulus association learning. Operant conditioning is also part of this model, introduced by B. F Skinner 1953, it interposed the concepts of positive and negative reinforcment as a result of stimulus. He believe d that almost any set of stimuli can aquire reinforcing or punishing associations through the consequences they bring Cigno and Bourne1998.Cognitive and behavioural theories are principles from two related streams of psychological writing, Payne 1997. Social learning theory (Bandura), focuses the fact that most behaviour is learned. However it goes further than behavioural theory by implying that peoples perceptions and thinking about their experiences and modelling what they recover around them are vital to the process and interdependent to the feelings that they have regarding this. Basically Bandura believed that how we think has an affect on our behaviour and that both of these are open to change.The way we think about a situation mediates between the outside world and our inner self, Harrison and Butler 2004. People have the capacity to change and behaviour is assimilated by addresss, Sheldon 1995. Cognitive behavioural programmes are based on the application of both social learning theory and cognitive theory to inform therapeutic methods, Cigno and Bourne 1998.This judicial decision would be done with the intention of helping Michael to see where he is at present with his own thought processes (hopes, fears,values) and to progress from these to try to make Michaels behaviour goal orientated, e. g getting Michael to think about offending in a different way and continuous reinforcment of a desired behaviour will work quickly to decrease in the behaviour which leads to offending, this promotes change in the thinking behind offending behaviour.Shaping can also be used, reinforcing small stairs made toward a required behaviour. The worker also needs to challenge negative thought processes. Feedback needs to be encouraged so that Michael can see what he has achieved oustide sessions, Harrison and Butler 2004.Once the desired behaviour is achieved fading would be used to restrict the amount or type of reinforcement. This enables Michael to transfer his be haviour to other settings, Payne1997. The principle of self-talk can be tried out with Michael also. Cigno and Bourne 1998 indicate that children gain self- pull strings over their actions as their inner speech develops. Using this normal in the form of self-talk can help with self-appraisal and self-support. Self-Instructional Training (SIT -Goldstein and Keller 1987) was developed with this as a central concept.This intervention can help to establish self control in young offenders, thus helping to decrease the arousal which may lead to offending behaviour. Beck et al 1985 followed on from Bowlbys (1977) work on attachment and bolshy and may take the stance that Michael has a sociotropic personality. This means that he values closeness and the loss of a relationship, a rejection or an experience of social want could affect his mood and leave him feeling confused and isolated, Dryden1996.Hence the abnormal thought which lead to offending. Another use of cognitve techniques could be offered to Michael and his family in the form of useful Family Therapy if his family were willing to participate. This focuses on family interaction. It uses contingency contracting as a means of changing family interaction in the case of young offenders. It can help to reduce recidivism and have a beneficial effect on the interactions between families. It has become increasingly evident

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Leonardo Davinci The Greatest Genius History Essay

da Vinci Davinci The Greatest Genius History EssayLeonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Anchiano, near Vinci in the Republic of Florence, which is now Italy. He died on May 2, 1519 in Cloux (now Clos-Luce) France. Leonardo da Vinci is believed to be the greatest genius that ever lived. Leonardo had become a master in more fields of any separate before or since him. Most geniuses such as Albert Einstein or Alfred Hitchcock were masters yet in a single field. It was not the case with Leonardo. He believed that all subject matter was interconnected in one way or another. Leonardo expressed a great deal of his other works in his works of art. He was an Italian painter, draftsman, sculpture, architect, engineer, mathematician, musician, scientist, a writer, and a known inventor.Da Vinci, the artisanLeonardo started his career as an artist in about 1469 in Verrocchios fabled workshop. Leonardo, a youth at the time was Verrocchios assistant. One of their famous masterpieces w as the Baptism of Christ. This icon was started in 1472 and took roughly 3 years to complete. It is currently being housed at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. A great deal of the detail of this painting was believed to be do by Leonardo himself. X-rays of the painting and comparing them to the original sketches shows that Leonardo had done the painting entirely different that the way Verrocchio had think it to be in finished form. This may be the earliest indication that Leonardo was trying to free himself from his masters coaching to follow his own path. Verrocchio had felt threatened by the fact that da Vincis angel in the painting had seemed to be a great deal better than the other three which were painted by Verrocchio (John the Baptist) and other students) After this Verrocchio had lost interest in painting and concentrated on his other talents such as sculpture and metal working. Suffice to say, this was Verrocchios last well-known painting and the start of Leonardos career as a famous artist. Another of his more famous works, the Mona Lisa, has brought forth much controversy over the years since its finish in 1506. It was painted in Florence, Italy on wood with oil paints and now currently resides at the Musee du Louvre, Paris. Some of this controversy includes such questioning as follows wherefore is she smiling (was she secretly pregnant at the time of the painting), is this really a woman or a cleverly disguised self-portrait of Leonardo himself? If Mona Lisa was actually a self portrait of Leonardo, then the smile couldnt have been of a secret pregnancy, but most-likely of a secret that the painting is actually based on the artist. The detain Supper is another one of Leonardos great works of art. It is a mural that measures 30 feet by 14 feet. This great size mad it a great take exception for the very talented Leonardo. The work was started in 1495 and after 3 years of umpteen sketches and preparatory drawings, the work was finally com pleted in 1498. This painting was done at the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie on the north refectory. This job focused on a scene at the moment of the declaration Judas betrayal. Instead of seating them in a traditional seating arrangement for that time, he seated them so that one could see each of the apostles faces and facial expressions as they hear the announcement of the betrayal of Jesus. This job couldnt have come at a more perfect time for Leonardo, for he was in his time of depression. This job not however brought him out of his depression, but it also won back the Duke Lodovicos patronage and through this he acquired a vineyard and a piece of property of 16 rods located near San Vittore. Other paintings by Leonardo include St. John in the Wilderness, Benois Madonna, Sala delle Asse, St. Jermome, Adoration of the Magi, and many others.Da Vinci and his sculpturesLeonardo not only had a talent for art, which he seems the most famous for, but also he had a flare for scu lpture. Some of his more well-known sculptures are the Horse in bronze and the Il Cavallo. The dye horse was started in 1482 when the Duke of Milan had commissioned Leonardo to build the worlds biggest horse in honor of his father to guard over the Dukes castle. It stood 24 feet in high spirits upon its completion. The sculpture started out as a full size cay model and was eventually later cast in Bronze, thus the name the Bronze Horse. Leonardos other well known sculpture, Il Cavallo, was another horse sculpture that he would not see completed. This only exists in the form of the multitude of drawings that were leftover behind by da Vinci. Also left behind were two issues da Vinci had with his sculpture. The first was the fact that he needed to fill the space where the horses stomach was to be and the second issue was settling on the position of the rider. Unfortunately for Leonardo, this was one sculpture he could not complete.Da Vinci, the InventorLeonardo had many great inve ntions for his time period and a great deal of them was ahead of their time. These inventions nookie be put into a number of categories according to the invention and the intended purpose of the invention. The first kinfolk would be flight. This category includes the parachute, the helicopter, and the glider. The second category is forgeries. In this category would be the Turin Shroud. The reason for this as being in the forgery category is the fact that people question whether it is authentic or it was one of da Vincis illusions of making it look authentic by using his many tasty talents. The third category of his inventions is maps. Leonardo had made great improvements in the area of map making in his time period. The fifth category is the military. This category includes the plans he had drawn up for an automobile (re-invention), the invention of a three-tiered machine gun, a scaling ladder (improvement), and a military tank. Even his paintings, which are the sixth category, c an be considered as inventions for Leonardo in the fact that he had made improvements in the art and also in his creative techniques. The seventh category for inventions for da Vinci is statues in the fact that, just as in paintings he had made improvements and used different techniques and also invention. The last but not least category in the inventions for da Vinci is a category that I would have never even thought or known about is robots. Leonardo was experimenting with this concept in 1495. The robot is a knight in appearance and is wearing the traditional armor for the time which was Italian-German. It had realistic features as well. For instance if one were to look into the blab of the robot one would find it looked as a real humans mouth would. Leonardo had done this to prove to himself how easily a human beings carcass could be imitated. This to me in itself shows pure genius.I could go basically on and on forever about the great deal of accomplishments of the great Leon ardo da Vinci. He had made great improvements to the art world, helped science a great deal, made inventions and plans for inventions that would be a great help to society. He was also a great mathematician, musician and writer as well. I believe that for one to be considered the greatest genius to ever live they need to have a vast knowledge of a multitude of different subjects. Leonardo da Vinci is the only person thus far has come to mind as that such person who greatly qualifies for such an honor.