Saturday, November 23, 2019

A Runners Guide to Writing

A Runners Guide to Writing Writers, Even though it may cut into your writing time, picking up a running habit can help you become a more motivated, disciplined, and well-paid writer. Heres my advice for running and writing: 1. Just thinking about it doesnt get you anywhere. With both running and writing, you have to actually do the work, and not just think Boy, I should really do some work today. In both running and writing, its easier to keep up your pace and good habits when youve got plenty of momentum. If you need a little help getting started, Fitness Magazines Running 101  guide is a great place for beginning runners to get their bearings. 2. Consistent work is required to make progress. You are never going to beat any personal bests when it comes to running speed unless you run on a regular basis. Likewise, you arent going to finish that novel without putting in regular effort. If you go too long between sessions, itll almost feel like you have to start from scratch. 3. It doesnt have to be a solo pursuit. Some athletes prefer to run alone, but others prefer to run with a group. Likewise, while writing does require some degree of isolation, you can find the support you need to keep you motivated through social connections. Try doing a work-in-progress readings at your local bookstore, or workshopping your piece with a local writers group. 4. Youll hurt yourself if you go at it too hard. Run too long or too hard, and youll risk an injury. Carpal tunnel jokes aside, this applies to writers as well, who can burn themselves out when working under a tight deadline. Even marathon runners take a break the day after a race: If you can bang out 40 pages in one day, thats awesome, but give your brain (and your fingers) some time to recuperate afterwards. 5. Do it, rain or shine. Once you have a streak going, you wont want to break it. A little rain shouldnt stop you from running, and it will even make you feel happy on a dreary day. Likewise, forcing yourself to write a page or two on a day when you mental weather is a bit gloomy is a great way to feel like youre in control of your future as a writer. Once youve developed discipline, its almost like the work does itself. Ill always remember the day I went out on a casual jog, looked down at my phone, and saw Id run a 10k without even trying to. Likewise, with disciplined writing habits inspired Picked up a running habit? Write about your experiences for one of these fitness magazines: Runners World Submission Guidelines TrailRunner Magazine Submission Guidelines Canadian Running Submission Guidelines Womens Running Submission Guidelines Womens Adventure Submission Guidelines

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