Saturday, October 5, 2019

Developing Digital Marketing Strategies for Assignment

Developing Digital Marketing Strategies for - Assignment Example It also focuses on the logo of MLC, the golden egg. Fonterra, however, also posts documentaries, such as â€Å"Food For Thought.† This is a documentary that shows facts and trends on food and lifestyles. The company also provides a four-part documentary on Fonterra. These documentaries provide further information on the nature and extent of Fonterras business. Fonterras Ski Activ can target women and men aged 20 to 50 by showcasing two models in their YouTube ads. One female model eats Ski Activ for fourteen days and has less digestive problems and gets slimmer than the other who does not eat Ski Activ. There should be a separate commercial for male models and one for those in their twenties and another for those in their fifties. This will show the audience that Ski Activ has a broader target market niche. Furthermore, the YouTube ads should have links directing to more information about Ski Activ and what kinds of problems it can resolve. This will entice women to consider testing Ski Activ, especially since it has a money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee should also be highlighted more in YouTube ads, with emphasis on the idea that consumers have nothing to lose, except extra weight and digestive discomfort. MLC can produce more specified YouTube videos for its target market of 35 and above, males and females, with incomes above $65,000 per year, by focusing on how easy it is to contact MLC financial advisers online or through the phone. The excitement levels for insurance plans that MLC offers can be heightened by using a mix of logical and emotional appeals. Logical appeals will emphasize the importance of insurance to having a more secure future, especially during these economically chaotic times, while the emotional appeals will focus on the happiness and comfort that MLCs wealth management expertise can offer.

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