Wednesday, October 30, 2019

How to make life meaningful Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

How to make life meaningful - Essay Example Since the stated goals of positive psychology are to create thriving people and lead to a more fulfilling life, the interests of positive psychology are no longer treating people with disorders or illness but making the life of a normal person more fulfilling and flourishing. Hence, the mission statement of positive psychology accompanies the act of pursuing a meaningful life. The mission statement states: A Meaningful life is connected to positive functioning: work enjoyment, satisfaction in life, hope, general positive effect as well as happiness and a higher degree of well-being. Research has demonstrated that people have a propensity to create stories as a means of understanding occurrences in life with a life story being a means of imposing meaning on life and therefore connecting people to occurrences (Loewenstein 46). In regards to the manner in which meaning in demonstrated, understanding loss appears as more important during the adjustment process subsequent to the loss while recognizing the benefits may be a more long-term process that takes place over time with the biggest benefits becoming evident later on. There is a consensus that individuals should remain true to what matters and themselves in order to get a meaningful life (Baumeister and Bushman 435). Various strategies exist that can be used by individuals to uncover their true selves and identify and challenge their obstacles that hinder them from seeking their dreams. Three significant steps towards making life meaningful include: For most of the people, simply understanding who they are is a challenging endeavor and based in research that has been conducted previously, approximately forty percent of all the people in America have not yet identified a sense of purpose as far as their lives are concerned. It can be easy to tell people to live life on their own terms, but if they have not been able to identify their own terms, they may develop the feeling that they are drifting

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