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Human Resources in Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Resources in Healthcare - Essay Example It entails defining the component tasks of a job and the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish such tasks. As such, it would be conducted by the Human Resources department or other assigned individuals like trained job analysts, incumbents or supervisors. The process of job analysis begins with the determination of the purpose for conducting the job analysis. Then, the jobs to be analyzed would be identified. A critical step in this process involves explaining to the employees and determining their involvement. According to Fottler (2008a), this would ease the transition and make employees own the process. The fourth step in this process involves the collection of job analysis information. This information could be in form of work activities, work schedules, work performances and personal requirements. The organizational needs determine the method that would be used to collect this information. These include the observation method involving observing job holders as they work; interviewing job holders and their associates on the job and what it entails; carrying out a survey using structured questionnaires and checklists filled in by job holders; performing the job to gather primary information; having employees record their daily task s through a diary method.; obtaining job attributes from knowledgeable supervisors through the technical conference method; examination of the competencies associated with a job and its execution through the competency model technique; and using collected data for various occupations through the occupational information network. In the fifth step, the information gathered would be organized into a form that would be beneficial to the management and employees, ensuring that the job specifications match the job. This information would then have to be reviewed and updated frequently. The information collected from job analysis wholesomely impacts human resources activities. It informs on the training and development needs of employees. It also identifies the staffing needs of an organization and informs the recruitment of qualified employees. It enables the identification of best qualified job applicants and communication on job expectations. In many organizations, job analysis informa tion informs on the compensation and benefits of various grades of employees. Job analysis serves a critical role in performance appraisals as it gives the performance standards and facilitates the comparison of the expected to the actual performance. Finally, it informs on employee and labor relationships so as to determine appropriate action to foster such a relationship (Fottler, 2008a; Wech & Panjamapirom, 2009). In as much as job analysis should be an on-going practice, organizations set jobs for analysis when such jobs undergo changes in content and personnel functions. Job analysis would be critical when an organization introduces new work. Similarly, when new techniques emerge or major changes occur, job analysis would be crucial (Wech & Panjamapirom, 2009). Finally, when setting up a new organization, job analysis would also have to be undertaken. 2. Define Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) and its functions. What

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