Friday, October 18, 2019

The Role of Family in Uprising of a Child Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Role of Family in Uprising of a Child - Essay Example A questionnaire or survey is a popular tool for retrieved data due to its simplicity and a short time to implement the technique. Questionnaires consist of a series of the question asked to respondents on an individual basis to obtain their opinions, attitudes, perceptions and/or description related to a particular situation (Schermerhorn & Hunt & Osborn, 2003). The subjects that participate in a questionnaire which can be administered in various setting such person to person, mail, or virtual setting return the answers back to the researcher directly. The questionnaire design can follow an open-ended format or a structured format that utilizes T/F or multiple choice type questions. The questionnaire design by the researcher writing this report uses the open-ended question to be answered by the subjects participating in the research study. Appendix A illustrated the questionnaire to be administered to the subjects. The results of the survey can help an educator provide consulting on how to improve the scholarly performance of the subject matter. The adults must get involved in the child’s learning process. One of the first things the parents must do is to have a one on one conversation with all the teachers that give the class lesson to the child in order to know if the child has any behavioural problems in class or any learning deficiencies that need immediate attention. Hiring a tutor is the great way to establish a health study habit routine for the child. In our new technologically advanced age there are companies such as Brainfuse that provide online tutoring services for to children in their home (Brainfuse, 2008). Feedback is very important in the educational process. Knowledge is the key to create an effective education plan. If a child has problems learning something a dual program should be in place to provide direct assistance from the parents or professional tutor on the defi cient area, while at the same time giving the child educational project that are challenging in his area of expertise to challenge the child as well as raising his self-esteem by giving him the opportunity to get involve in educational activities the child can master.  Ã‚  

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