Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kudler Fine Foods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Kudler Fine Foods - Essay ExampleAlthough Kathys store concept is great and she has no civilize competition- her overwhelming responsibilities are hindering her efforts as the general manager of her store. In order for Kudler Fine Foods to turn out into new geographical areas, Kathy Kudler must redefine her cheek and utilize effective time management to increase her personal time efficiency as well as her staffs. In order for the Kudler store to expand and all(a)ow for great overall efficiency and time management a number of factors must be corrected. Right now Kathy is in charge of all ordering and product take for, this will be cumbersome as the product line increases along with consumer demand. Kathy must develop a centralized management and control of the products, assortments, and pricing. Secondly, she must delegate the task of supply management to one manager to include product buys and invoice matching. There are several software companies such(prenominal) as Aldata that offer a complete software interface to integrate the inventory controls. ( Thirdly, Kathy must optimize inventory levels by utilizing demand forecasting, and take grudge of the products expiry dates and ensure that her perishable items are being purchased instead of wasted away.

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