Sunday, June 2, 2019

Essay --

For the Mars City Alpha Design project our sort out had been assigned The HAR social unit (wellness and Recreation). We are in charge of maintaining the physical and psychological health of all the crew members, 25 people. This is a huge responsibility because if this unit were to fail the whole mission would be compromised. For this project we were assigned groups of 5 people and each person had the select one of the five individual units which is a Leisure and Exercise facility, a Personal Hygiene facility, a Galley Facility, a Health Maintenance facility, and a Crew quarters facility. I selected the Health Maintenance Facility. I are in charge of preventing sickness by promoting health in addition I should be able to take misgiving of an emergency situation that might happen because there is not a chance of returning to earth unless you can survive a trauma for 3 years. I overly give diagnostics, medical checkups, health supervise and routine and trauma treatment. My facility help the colonists live and work by providing healthcare, and weekly check-ups and monitoring so we can detecting sickness or diseases early and be able to treat effectively and safety so that person can go back to duty quick because everyone counts when you are on Mars.During this project we were in charge of research and reading about our unit. During my research I found a lot of shocking things on the physiology of space flight. When in space the Crew Member are exposed to a lot of dangerous disease much(prenominal) as Fluid Redistribution which causes the fluid in the body to travel to the upper body and causes the symptoms of the common cold. Also in space because the loss of fluid they also lose 22% of their blood volume, because it has less to pump the heart will begin to a... ...n to help monitor the mental health of astronauts.My facility interacts will early(a) facility rarely. I reply on the waste management to get rid of bio-waste. Also the Energy management too sup ply me with electrical to run my unit. Ive learned many things about mars so I will list the most important ones1.Mars has the tallest mountain in the solar System, Its called Olympus Mons2. We have pieces of Mars on Earth3.Mars consists of 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1.6% argon and trace amounts of water and oxygen.4.The first telescopic observation of Mars was done by Galileo Galilei5.Mars has all four seasons like of Earth 6.Mars is host to five functioning spacecraft ternion in orbit the Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and two on the surface Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity and the Mars intuition Laboratory Curiosity.

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