Sunday, June 16, 2019

Britain Fights EU's 'Big Brother' Bid Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Britain Fights EUs Big Brother Bid - Article ExampleThe aim of the Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology (ISA) is reducing accident death tolls by a third but according to Mr. McLoughlin, UK Transport Secretary, comparing UK road deaths of 1754 deaths to 3,645, and 3,657 deaths in France and Germany respectively, UK has lowest death judge from road carnage in Europe. After being briefed that newly, designed vehicles will have camera and satellite systems allowing for the easy and cheap addition of speed limiters, Mr. McLoughlin instructed his officials to pulley the move terming it as a violation of British motorists freedom. According to AA, the new technology is poised to create dangers at lower speeds in particular when there is a requirement to accelerate and the speed is limited resulting in an avoidable collision but believes audible speed alerts would work (Owen, 31 lordly 2013).EC reports that ISA and other issues will be published by the commission in a document in th e autumn according to its mandate by member states and that there is ongoing consultation on the speed limiters.The research in the article is exemplary done owing to the reporting of the views of the different stakeholders on the introduction of ISA and this has a relation to the course material since it deals with a transportation policy issue aimed at implementation in the UK and Europe limiting private road beyond set speeds. The exemplary sections in the article are the workings of the Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology (ISA) that is well explained in the article allowing for a clear concise understanding by the reader.

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