Tuesday, May 28, 2019

An Interview With An Entreprenuer Essay -- Interview Essays

I interviewed Manuel, co-owner of All Pro push back Sports, because his business is extremely innovative and growth-oriented. The purpose of this interview was to learn the following how to find out a business opportunity how to successfully launch a business how to deal with perceived risks prior to start-up how to solve problems encountered during start-up and over the lifetime of a inferBACKGROUNDI was introduced to Manuel through a mutual acquaintance that knows I am truly fascinated by the ability to customize vehicles, but more specifically, expensive luxury vehicles. Manuel, originally from Mexico, moved to California with his family twenty years ago. Coming from a large family with 4 brothers and 3 sisters, Manuel was determined to be financially successful. After graduating from State Unversity and working as a financial advisor/broker for Morgan Stanley, Manuel decided he was not happy working in unified America. After resigning from Morgan Stanley in 2001, Manuel d ecided his dream of being financially successful would be much easier to accomplish if he launched his own business. Driven by his fretfulness for classy and stylish vehicles, Manuel launched a motor sports company in 2002. SHARED VISIONManuel, co-owner of All Pro Motor Sports, shared his vision to launch a motor sports business that customizes expensive European vehicles with his younger brother, Hussein, and cousin, John. Just 3 years ago, this trio put their capital resources together and launched All Pro Motor Sports. All Pro Motor Sports is not just another motor sports business, its a motor sports business that focuses on customizing each vehicle to the owners perfection and guaranteeing that solicitude to detail is car... ...sionate generally yields positive rewards. Whether one aspires to own a motor sports company or design a type of skiwear that protects people from injuries, passion leave be the driving force behind successful execution. According to Hussan and t o my agreement, the best way to discover what you are passionate about is to follow your interests and heavily enquiry your interests to discover what interests you most. Once you discover which one of your interest you want to pursue the next, and most important step, is to discover how you could exploit or differentiate your interest in the current marketplace that will give you an opportunity to capitalize. Lastly, I learned that if I decide I dont want to pursue a degree in economics, and instead I want to launch my own business, I must pursue a business in an industry, or lack thereof, that I could rouse my life to.

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