Sunday, May 5, 2019

Marketing Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing Management - Essay causaIt should always be borne in mind that the above-mentioned factors argon subject to change and uncertainty and also Hengist House is not immune to change hence the need to have up-to-date information closely their business environment if they are serious about its development.Whilst Brenda and Phillip may want to believe that their business is roaring by virtue of a epic number of visitors they get each year, a close analysis of their business shows that it is operating below capacity to a certain extent. As a result of underutilization of other vast facilities, their property is not earning them the maximum capacity it should be considering that it used to be a fortunate farm as well as tourist attraction. Indeed, the place is endowed with the resources that can generate large amounts of revenue if properly utilized and carefully marketed. It seems there is no proper planning the reason why some of the facilities that can be used to generate income are being underutilized. For instance, there are winter bulbs that flowered under the trees each February and even into March but nothing much was ever through to them by way of feeding or other care but they are among the most fascinating features at the place. With proper planning and marketing of the place, there is no need for applying for grants or loans to develop the realm but it would generate its own revenue that can be in turn used to titivate up the image of the place. Their place looks as if it is neglected hence may not appeal to some people.Winter tourism has great potential for business and Brenda and Philip have the property endowed with all qualities requirement for the business to flourish like all other property owners but they had little planning to arms this kind of business. In the absence of proper marketing strategies in place, though the owners would like to believe that they are making handsome business, it can still be argued that they are not using their competitive avail compared to other competitors in the area.

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