Friday, May 10, 2019

Technological and cultural determinism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Technological and cultural determinism - Essay Example2. leave these theories to recent discourse about new forms of television, whether high definition TV, 3-D TV, online TV, etc. The discourse whitethorn come from a website, an advertisement, a TV program, a newspaper/magazine article, a blog, etc. unspoiled like other deterministic theories, technological determinism, and cultural determinisms seeks out to explain the historical and social phenomena in terms of one determining factor. It is considered to be a doctrine of casual or historical primacy. In other words, technological determinism is used to describe ways in which technology has influenced the evolution of human. Technology such(prenominal) as television online TV, advertisement among other technologies have played a significant role in creating new spaces for human to inhibit on a physical or a mental primer coat (Winston 789). Therefore, humans have adapted to these new spaces in that the patterns of their discernme nt be progressively altered without all resistance.Since technological determinism is merely putting the idea that technology is faultfinding to peoples lives, there ar various aspects of discourse that may invoke technological determinism. Social construction is a very critical aspect in invoking technological determinism. Social construction is considered to be a technological determinism since it is capable of explaining a great part of various technologies including Television, Computers, and Photography among others.4. Identify either a law of supervening social urgency OR a law of suppression of radical potential (these are likely, not fore-grounded in the character they require an analysis of the broader cultural determinisms for the emergence of this technology).The law of suppression of radical potential is among the first ideas that are discussed in Winston book. This law relates to misunderstanding of media. The laws state that, when a

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