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Which character do you believe has changed the most, in Silas :: Free Essay Writer

Which character do you believe has deviated the most, in SilasMarner, giving reasons wherefore?Change can be natural or provoked manually, it is unavoidable, it isinevitable, it is imperative and it can be both welcome and greetedwith apprehension.The Concise Oxford Dictionary says change is to, reconstruct or become different,and the Oxford Thesaurus offers these alternatives,adapt, adjust, alter, amend, convert, modify and transform.Change and its effects is the underlying theme of Silas Marner. Thenovel is a fable because it has a hale moral message, which ischange, and based on one fictitious individual and how they should andshould not cope with both positive and negative change. It is a storyultimately or so redemption within oneself due to catastrophic changesto a lifestyle. In this particular case, the life in question is thatof Silas Marners.As the title suggests, the chief(prenominal) character is Marner and it was common of 19th century writers to name their novel on the maincharacter and from there after, follow the change and development ofthat character within their environment. This would infer that Marneris the main character, and that he is to undertake the most changethroughout the course of the story. A wise assumption perhaps, butunder closer observation there may be more to consider than firstanticipated.Other characters from whom we can extract good examples of varioustypes of change from are Aaron Winthrop, Nancy Lammeter, and Eppie.Yet, the only character to experience change radical enough to rivalMarners is Godfrey Cass.However, before I can describe in detail what changes these twocharacters have experienced we need to discern what they were like beforeany change, at the first gear of the story. Obviously, in order tochange, the subject needs to change from something to something elseand to gauge how much change has taken place, there needs to be acomparison between the past and present. So, what are the twocharacters like wh en we first meet them?The first mention of Marner is at the beginning of the secondparagraph. At this time, Marner is in Raveloe having already leftLantern YardIn the early years of this century such a linen-weaver, named SilasMarner, worked at his vocation in a stone cottage that stood among thenutty hedgerows near the village of Raveloe, and not far from the edgeof a deserted stone pit.This does not tell us much about Marners character but a change incharacter is not the only thing to attract interest. The text gives usan insight into his appearance by saying,such a linen weaver,.To me this is implying Marner is quite a stereotypical linen-weaver,

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