Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sound and visual media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

grievous and visual media - Essay ExampleOther architectural configurations in field of operation stages allow for podiums with lifting and dropping abilities. In such cases, the audience often rests on temporary seats that expedite more flexibility. This configuration allows performers to understand the conditions their viewers are in while performing. Engaging the audience establish on these conditions makes the performance better (Condee 9).Better detail and expressiveness is necessary for all production f doers (Collins and Kapralos). Even though the audience configuration in an arena stage is increase above the stage, their scenery is often restrict to cover optimum lines of sight for viewers on all sides. This condition is different for viewers in a Proscenium Arch Stage whose lines of sight are level before a raised platform. Arena theatres often lack a fly system apart from possibly lighting purposes (Hischak 147). The exigency of giving equal lines of sight for all vie wers puts distinct limits on the kind of scenery employ and on the activities of the performers. This is because, certain audiences in an arena stage will inevitably be seeing an actors back at all times. This configuration allows for good recording and production of sound from material sources. However, certain sounds appear false when produced electronically in an arena theatre. As a result, a environ architectural configuration for audiences in an arena call for the building of mechanical instruments that mimic sounds like bunce and rain.Architectural configurations carve up an understanding of the conditions audiences are in through sound reflection (Hischak 147). Sound reflection rare occurs in isolation since sound usually finds a surface on its way of life where refection is takes place. Knowing the arrangement of audience seats in a theatre is imperative for making predictions of the mien of sound within that theatre. All surfaces echo and absorb sound to some

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