Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Partnership in Employee Relation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Partnership in Employee Relation - sample ExampleWithout delving deeply into why mind always associate industry and office with non-living things, the point is, domain are the decisive things who can put an presidential term in a cruise mode in terms of production, sales, profits, etc. So, the workers only form the crucial cog in the running of the organization.Only if these crucial workers are recruited or staffed optimally through an effective recruitment process, the organization can achieve optimal success. Even with automation and computerization happening in every segments of organization, all the important processes inside the organization mainly rests with the humans. Even though, all the important processes starts and ends with the leader or the management team up, the workers exit also be included, as part of prospered work teams or Partnership for give. Partner for Progress is the organisational term given to the UK government policy which spelled out how employee s should work in partnership as teams for the winning functioning of the organizations. That is, since late 1990s, the U.K. government has laid more emphasis on the concept of Partnership for Progress and Partnership Working and importantly selected it as the preferred model of UK employment relations policy and practice. So, this story will critically evaluate how the state initiated concept of Partnership is implemented in the organization and how it will have an impact on employee relations, promoting partnership as well as derailing partnership.. In any organizations, the successful Partnership can be successfully set or established, if the head or the management team of the unit put their thoughts, strategies and also the organizational goals for discussion among the other organisation officers or workers. This way the workers as a form of work teams can be involved productively. That is, the workers can input their gained knowledge

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