Thursday, May 16, 2019

Selecting toys for young children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Selecting toys for materialisation children - Essay ExampleIn as much as these toys are meant to stimulate childrens vision and encourage learning safety the quality of the toys must be ensured (The Kiwi Families Team, 1). Some of the toys that are enchant for this age group include building blocks and accessories, modeling dough, paint, crayons and collage materials. Tricycles and t scheduleeys as well as reciprocating saw puzzles would are also encouraged (The Kiwi Families Team, 1).Modeling dough is clean mud like core that is used for modeling. It is reusable and as such children keister use it for longer periods. Most of the time, children will poke, roll and squash this dough but as they do that they develop fine motor skills. Modeling corpse appeals to kids in that while they are playing with it, they get amazed and wonder at how far the clay can stretch or how they would make one piece stick to some other and these will enliven their problem solving skills. Parents s hould choose this toy for their children since motor development is one of the crucial phases of life and these toys service of process children develop it, it also boosts imagination. Modeling clay is not messy children simply need to wash their hands after using this dough (Goodson, 21). In addition to this, children who have talent in the crafts can be discovered early by paying attention to the things that they make with modeling clay and these talents can be nurtured early enough. As such, parents should select this toy for their children since it can unveil unique talents that they have.According to the Kiwi Families Team, another toy that most toy manufacturers recommend for preschoolers is building blocks. These are always plastic and can be in the model of a farm animal, car or building. They are always big blocks that can be inter-connected to build things such as houses, vehicles and a variety of other things. With these pieces, children around four days can spend hour s

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