Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ice and Sand :: essays research papers

deoxyephedrine and sand is an eye opening video to the highest degree just what the title states ice and sand. It talks about the polar ice caps and the affects of green house gasses to the environment. This movie talks about what would happen if the ice sheets in the north and South Pole melt, and how weather systems be changeable. It talks about the sands in the Sahara and how they blow all the way to Paris, it also states that it is largest dessert in the world. This movie is very informative about Ice and Sand.In the movie Ice and sand it talks about the polar ice caps. These ice caps are located at the north and southerly poles of the Earth, and take up a large potion of the earths water. Ice caps fluctuate from year to year, growing and shrinking with weather changes. Greenhouse gasses are causing these ice caps to melt more and more every year though. If the ice caps were to melt completely, it would raise our ocean level ten to twenty stories about what it is now. This w ould circulate places like Nova Scotia, Vancouver, and New York completely under water. Scientists are not really quit sure what will happen with green house gases, whether they will possess a flood from melting the ice caps, or whether it will send us into another ice age. If it were to send us into another ice age, wholly people in very southern countries would be likely to survive due to the extremely cold whether. Scientists have determined that weather systems are changeable. everywhere a large amount of time, the earths tilt changes, causing the axiss to tilt more one way then it used to, and thus ever-changing the weather. Greenhouse gasses may also change the weather, making our climate either much hotter or much cooler. Ice caps and leaves have one affaire in common, one small change in the weather can change them- and they will change the world.The Sahara desert is known as the largest dessert in the world, it covers a third of the continent of Africa. The thing abou t the desert is that it is always changing, new vegetation is sprouting and animals are dying and being born. During the day the desert is very hot, about 50 degrees Celsius, but at night time temperatures can drop very low. In the night is when the desert rains, for temperatures are too hot during the day for clouds to accumulate above them, and water is limited so there isnt much precipitation.

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